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  1. trd_sport

    March 2014 : trd_sport's 2005 IIP 4x4: HONORARY TROTM

    I've been good, hope all is well! Have not touched the truck in 4yrs dealing with life. Now it's not my daily so looking forward to get some things done I've neglected. Raced a new lifted Tacoma the other day, brought back memories of when I first started with the truck lol Thought I'd check in...
  2. trd_sport

    March 2014 : trd_sport's 2005 IIP 4x4: HONORARY TROTM

    Still never lost a race........except that mustang only because I can't past 125mph :/ lol
  3. trd_sport

    What are all the latest and greatest mods for TRD SC?

    :blurock:Sweet! Need to do a texfest again:adore::crinklehair::canada::top:
  4. trd_sport

    BMWtech's Turbo Build

    This build would be worth a Houston meet.... been a while lol
  5. trd_sport

    sitting at texas auto direct :/

    I saw your girls post and came on here to say you suck lol. What did you get for it? Parts for sale?
  6. trd_sport

    Houston Meets?

    Hmm I'll hit u up when I'm done
  7. trd_sport

    Houston Meets?

    Is that today? I have a dentist appointment across the street from track 21 @530. Maybe I'll go for some post op Valium fun lol
  8. trd_sport

    NEWS 2016 Tacoma Teaser

    Nice mini tundra....still waiting for the rest of the info tho...
  9. trd_sport

    trd supercharged 2014

    Who all has a trd supercharger on 2014? Thinking I may try it.
  10. trd_sport

    favorite mod?

    Whats the one favorite mod youve done that makes just driving in general more fun? Mine would have to be supercharger, but can be something as simple as new tires.:dontknow:
  11. trd_sport

    mid mount turbo kit

    Bump .....it says OBO!
  12. trd_sport

    Robin williams

    David Carradine had crossed my mind but they seemed to make a point in saying it wasn't that type of situation. There was also a pocket knife and cuts on his wrist. That didn't work so he hung himself.
  13. trd_sport

    Robin williams

    ^where did you hear he didn't intend to kill himself?
  14. trd_sport

    Robin williams

    It's one of the things he suffered with and most happy people don't hang themselves idk...
  15. trd_sport

    Robin williams

    I used to stay up late and watch Mork and Mindy on nick at night. He did both comedy and serious well, sad
  16. trd_sport

    MSR Houston track day 8/2/14

    Updates updates
  17. trd_sport

    NEWS XRU gets an upgrade

    No more chatroom? Where are we supposed to go bs when drunk?
  18. trd_sport

    April 2014 : Slywhitty's 2006 RR

  19. trd_sport

    TexFest 2014 Signup

    Rescheduling it.
  20. trd_sport

    TexFest 2014 Signup

    ^hmm never got that. But yeah I posted this was on easter weekend. It should be rescheduled. I also need more people to sign up well ahead of time in order to make it happen.
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