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  1. MadMatt

    Clutch Thread

    I'm at 22k with my 2008 and the clutch is slipping. I have a 67 ford with 167k miles on it and only 2 clutches, and the original trans. A 1994 toyota and the clutch went out at 140k, but has the original trans. Granted, my 1994 has a week 4 cylinder, and the Ford, well it's a '67 Ford... nough...
  2. MadMatt

    engine Noise

    Maybe backfiring withen the headers from a small exhaust leak that's letting air in. If you have the MAF Cal. I can assume you aren't running rich anymore, and that makes it more prone to backfires as well. Most factory tunes are a little rich to keep it from backfiring. I'm not an expert on...
  3. MadMatt

    Anyone else's.......

    I thought it was to keep your cigarettes in...
  4. MadMatt

    Write-Up: NEW Clutch Pedal Mod (With Pictures)

    I'm not sure what exactly ya'll are trying to do here. I didn't like how high the pedal was when it engaged the clutch. I don't like my foot floating in the air, I like my heel on the floor for some balance, that adjustment can be made by loosening the jam not and spinning the rod in some. I...
  5. MadMatt

    Houston Meet feeler

    Yeah, I'll put someone in there place if they challenge me, I just don't go looking for it anymore. I beat a Colbalt SS in the rain a month ago, but I'm not sure if I was really faster or if I just outdrove him. The kid almost killed himself and ended up driving on the shoulder to pass a car...
  6. MadMatt

    USA Spec PA15-TOY with Ipod Touch?

    Was wondering if anyone with the USA Spec Ipod adapter has used it with an Ipod Touch? I am using it right now with my 3rd Gen Nano and it works great. My freind tried to plug his Iphone to it and things got screwy... so I'm hesitant to buy an Ipod touch now. I don't know anyone with a Touch or...
  7. MadMatt

    2nd gear shift problem

    Wow, thanks for the info. I love technical explanations.
  8. MadMatt

    Houston Meet feeler

    Yeah I'm not too much on the street racing anymore. Guess I'm an old man now... ha ha, 26. I'll hollar next time I hed to Hooters.
  9. MadMatt

    2nd gear shift problem

    Yeah I wear 12's and depending on the brand it really f*cks my clutching abilities, seems they didn't American size every part on the truck. My skinny Diesels are great, but when I wear dress shoes I have to take the left shoe off and barefoot it! I have also noticed grinding when shifting to...
  10. MadMatt

    Looking for the owner of a black X (works at Simply Splendid)

    Southeast, Alvin, Clear Lake Area. Work by Ellington Field
  11. MadMatt

    Looking for the owner of a black X (works at Simply Splendid)

    Hey SIK X, I'm from houston too, nice to meet ya.
  12. MadMatt

    Houston Meet feeler

    Hooters in Clear Lake on 45 has a big cruise night evey saturday night. They have up to 200 cars sometimes. It would be cool having a bunch of x's pull in, I bet they never seen one before., so they'd trip out seeing a pack of em.
  13. MadMatt

    Bsp on scott street in houston

    Howdy Guys... nice truck. Looks like it's got a bit of a drop too. I've only seen two in my area one Black with some black rims at the Taco Cabana on Fuqua street and one passing by Sonic on Hwy 3 by Ellington Field. I usually hang south of the beltway, Alvin, Clear Lake, Webster. Nice to meet...
  14. MadMatt

    Horn w/factory alarm

    So Glad I found this! Thanks so much for posting! Seems like there are different options for beeps too, I got it to beep twice on unlock and silent on lock the first time I did it, and two beeps on unlock and one beep on lock the second time I tried it. I would do it some more times and see...
  15. MadMatt

    Write-Up: Cheap & Easy DTRL and Alternating Signal Mod!!!

    Just wanted to add my two cents about the fast flash speed. The flasher is a relay that heats up as the filament in the bulb heat up... has to do with ohms. The longer it takes the bulbs to heat up the slower it will flash, the shorter it takes to heat up the faster they flash. When LED's are...
  16. MadMatt

    Removed pin stripes

    didn't even know they came with pinstripes. Glad mine didn't. Dealers will put anything on these days to jackup the price... example, the whole extended mile package or the safety kits.
  17. MadMatt

    Opinions on OEM ipod connector for '09 stock head unit

    I have the PA-20 or 15... whatever the new one is. I thought it odd that you said you had the ipod volume all the way up... on mine, once you plug it into the pigtail the volume control goes to the head unit and you can't adjust it with the ipod.
  18. MadMatt

    Got hit, lost a body kit piece

    For the tabs... cut off the remaining portion and sand down the area with some sandpaper to make it smooth and give some grip to where you will epoxy. Take some heavy duty electrician zipties (home depot) cut the cap off the end, bend the end so it looks like and "L" and expoxy it where the...
  19. MadMatt

    shame to this owner

    The body kit is actually pretty fragile on the X, so I'd never do that, plus the body kit adds ton of little nooks and crannies that will hold mud... you'll spend an hour with a power washer trying to get that shit out and probably still not get it all out, and it even gets in the compartments...
  20. MadMatt

    TSB: 4.0 Engine Tick '05-'06

    Pretty sure the Fram Tough Gaurd has the anti-drainback valve, it should say on the package if it has one, the cheap models might not, but almost every premium model regardless of brand should have it if the application requires it.
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