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  1. Jay Swift

    06 supercharged bsp for sale

    What happened to my poor baby???? :ahhhhh: Always been lurking to see where she'd end up.... I was the second owner and bought her all stock at 9k miles. After I traded her at 60k in in Aug 2010 for my 4runner, I found her listed on ebay after carmax auctioned her off. My crank bearings went...
  2. Jay Swift

    REG CAB X spotted for sale

    That's cold bro :eviltongue:
  3. Jay Swift

    REG CAB X spotted for sale

    That's a classic build! I still daydream of making one with a 2JZ engine swap when I first saw yours years ago. Sucks that someone beat it all up. Kills me to wonder who has my Bella now and how she's being treated :frown:
  4. Jay Swift

    July 2012 : revobreaker's 2009 BR

    Congrats and bout time man! :top:
  5. Jay Swift

    For whoever wants to know, THIS CARSEAT IS AWESOME!

    That was mine, I made it with many anchor points to strap it down.
  6. Jay Swift

    New here

    Congrats and Welcome! Do you have any mods done to it already? I'm always on the lookout for anyone who picked up my old 06 BSP :top:
  7. Jay Swift

    Finally! Some pics.

    Awesome rides! :top: wish I was able to keep my X with my 4R
  8. Jay Swift

    Face Lift complete

    Looks Great Man! :top:
  9. Jay Swift

    Race truck EXPORTED!!!

    That's Awesome!!! .....Soooo when you gonna make my 5th Gen look like that??? :rolleyez:
  10. Jay Swift

    March 2012 : Murderface's 2005 BSP

    About time! Congrats Bro! :top:
  11. Jay Swift

    FB X

    is that Alex's old X? Looks awesome with those rims!
  12. Jay Swift

    Moving to Tennessee in a couple weeks

    Last time I saw my old X, it was for sale somewhere there. Keep an eye out for my old Bella girl! lol
  13. Jay Swift

    How tall are you guys?

    BooHooHoo Tall People Problems.......:eviltongue:.....lol
  14. Jay Swift

    February 2012 : Jeremias's 2007 SWB/TG

    Congrats on the win :top:
  15. Jay Swift

    Need Help decideing for a Mid Size SUV

    Vote for the 4runner here :rolleyez: but yeah a 4R with 3rd row, either 4th or 5th gen Compared to my old X, I get great mpg with my 5th gen 4R. I don't have the 3rd row but wish I did sometimes since they fold flat anyways but still an awesome SUV :top:
  16. Jay Swift

    Daytime Driving Lights

    Take a look at my DTRL mod thread and may be able to find your answer...
  17. Jay Swift

    Back with a T-REX Main Grill

    nice :top: gotta love the little changes that make a big difference
  18. Jay Swift

    bsp evo done!!

    Awwww, Nice to know my Bella is still remembered :smile: man I miss her :bawling: lol
  19. Jay Swift

    bed lights

    nice man! :top:
  20. Jay Swift

    bsp evo done!!

    looks awesome, nice job :top:
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