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  1. blackx-runner

    Bought an x and it has trouble starting

    I think that's actually a pretty common problem, although probably not what it should do. Do fuel pumps typically have check valves? I know that the system doesn't actually kick on the fuel pump until the truck starts to crank. At least the older models didn't. So if fuel is completely bled...
  2. blackx-runner

    Happy Birthday To Me!

    bumping for fun times.
  3. blackx-runner

    Colder = Leaner?

    denser air = more air maybe
  4. blackx-runner

    Paint Vs. Wrap options

    Saw an ad pop up on facebook about what looked to be essentially a spray on vinyl wrap. I'm thinking probably similar to the plasti-dip, but refined more for the automotive specific applications.
  5. blackx-runner

    F/S: SWB and Green w/ 78,000 $10,000

    @ShuManFu was looking for a truck.
  6. blackx-runner

    XR Search continues...

    I've got an 05 with about 80k miles. One owner. No longer supercharged, but it still does have the high flow fuel pump, apr cam gears, URD trac bar, and t56 trans so it wouldn't be anything to slap a supercharger on it again. Needs a little TLC in the looks department, but its run flawless for me.
  7. blackx-runner

    Truck won’t stay running

    Any codes? Check vacuum lines, maf sensor?
  8. blackx-runner

    Anyone still around?

    Yeah something like that LOL. Like I said not trying real hard yet.
  9. blackx-runner

    Anyone still around?

    I'm still around although not nearly as active as I was. Truck is still with me. I'm "trying" to sell it, just not putting much effort into in yet LOL. Already bought a double cab 4x4 so I really should get rid of the X before it just rots in the driveway.
  10. blackx-runner

    Sold the truck. Thanks, guys !

    Always loved your x-runners. Great choice of mods and cleanly done. Have fun with the new ride.
  11. blackx-runner

    OG member finally selling...

    We might be able to work something out.
  12. blackx-runner

    X-Fest 2017?

    you've been saying that since like March....
  13. blackx-runner

    iTrader questions

    I thought we did on the previous software, but I don't think I-trader, or an alternative got incorporated with the change.
  14. blackx-runner

    OG member finally selling...

    I'm still in the tacoma family. I about went the 4runner route, but decided the tacoma was really more practical for me.
  15. blackx-runner

    OG member finally selling...

    Pulled the trigger on a 2014 Double cab 4x4 tonight so I think it's time to officially attempt to part ways with my x-runner. 2005 BSP x-runner. Accident free, 1 owner. 79,000 miles Gaylord's speedstur lid pulled most of the mods, but it does still have the T56 trans and URD traction bar...
  16. blackx-runner

    Save a sig

    But now what will the sig nazi enforce?
  17. blackx-runner

    2013 fuel pump change, lift bed or drop tank?

    If you have the equipment, or a couple friends to lift the bed I think it's about as easy as dropping the tank. I did the job myself and dropped the tank.
  18. blackx-runner

    Virginia Beach Meet, June 16-18

    Bring him down. It's more of a fun weekend hanging out with car nuts and having a good time than anything else. There might be some of the OG crew coming to this thing that haven't had X-runners for years.
  19. blackx-runner


    still have cats?
  20. blackx-runner

    Mk3 Install No Start. Help!

    I'd definitely get your misfires straightened out and your truck running top notch before ripping on it at all. MK3 is capable of a ton of power, likewise it's easily capable of killing a stock motor pretty damn quick if something isn't just quite right. I'd hate to see you posting that your...
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