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    2006 X-Runner needs caring home - *S*O*L*D*

    Truck is gone - hope Rtty has as much fun with it as I did Congrats Ruthey
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    2006 X-Runner needs caring home - *S*O*L*D*

    I'll update the thread tonight. (Friday 6/7/19) Heading to airport to pick up potential fly-and-drive buyer in a little bit.
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    2006 X-Runner needs caring home - *S*O*L*D*

    I'm in the Tampa Bay FL area - will add that to my post
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    2006 X-Runner needs caring home - *S*O*L*D*

    2006 Toyota X-Runner in Tampa, FL area (North of Tampa - Land O Lakes) Radiant Red, 72,000 miles, $9,000 OBO 422 Rear Wheel HP (Dyno tested/tuned by URD) This truck's upgrades were installed by Gadget's crew at URD while I was deployed. (Rotrex kit, Deep sump, short shifter, gauges, and oil...
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    Rattling noise underneath

    See if it goes away when you push in the clutch! The stock POS Asin RA60 transmission makes a lot of noise in MINE Dave
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    Happy Birthday to ME!!

    Happy Birthday, here's ONE tire for ya LOL
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    URD T56 Swap Kit Feeler Thread

    Rockland Standard Gear seems to be the "vendor of choice" for a strong T56 build! http://www.rsgear.com/ Just waiting to pay my visa down to half it's current level to order one!! DAve
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    URD T56 Swap Kit Feeler Thread

    Of course Gadget would get this done AFTER I bought one of those INFERIOR APR kits!! *sigh* always a day late and $2000 short LOL
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    Locked VVTi actuator

    Hey Gadget, Does this help any - it's from a Scion but prolly similar: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yuKrnIzU4Bs Dave
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    Cruise to Tillamook Cheese Factory 3-23-14

    Man I LOVED that place! Stopped in there on the way back to Tampa from Alaska (motorcycle trip of a lifetime!) I miss the California coast!! Wish I could join ya there - kinda far for me tho LOL :laugh: Dave
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    in need of new front brakes

    Come up to Tampa and you can have a low mileage (40K?) set of stock calipers, rotors and pads for free - still haven't gotten rid of mine - too lazy to pack, them up and ship anywhere
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    Help! Problem with transmission and URD stage3 clutch

    G is right - adjust the clutch!! I don't know where my copy is but there is a factory procedure to go thru to adjust it. Mine needs the pedal rod lengthened slightly as it won't fully release and it "catches" when I try to put it in gear because it is still under load! Dave
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    apr t56 kit

    Lastest update: I had the shipment held so I could get it on the way home and not have it sitting on my porch. I drive by the location AND THEY ARE CLOSED AT 2:00 in the afternoon - WTF? Apparently they open at 7 a.m. till 10 a.m., and then close until 4 p.m. - WHO DOES THAT??? Oh well...
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    apr t56 kit

    UGH!!! They attempted delivery when I Was not home and I need a check for brokerage fees and taxes... *sigh* oh well....writing check out now - will have it tomorrow.... DAve
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    apr t56 kit

    SOON!!! Feb 13, 2014 8:44 a.m. Tampa, FL, US Shipment in transit Feb 13, 2014 6:10 a.m. Tampa, FL, US Shipment in transit Feb 13, 2014 2:00 a.m. Tampa, FL, US Arrived at sort facility
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    apr t56 kit

    Thanks Coupe - I just might.....not sure what shifter I'll use so I don't know what thread its gonna use... But I like the T56 on the side!! Dave
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    TRD oil cooler installed

    LOL I just call mine the OEM cooler
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    Rear Diff capacity

    YUP! A couple tips I've heard as well: 1) before removing the drain plug ALWAYS REMOVE THE FILL PLUG FIRST!! That way if the fill plug won't come out you haven't got a transmission or differential with no oil and no way to fill it!! 2) For transmission you can remove the shifter and fill...
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    apr t56 kit

    UPDATE!! Just called Purolator as they had ZERO updates since Feb 8th. I asked when they thought it'd be delivered and said... ... TODAY - Wednesday 12 Feb 14!!! Apparently they use UPS to do the local deliveries so I'm looking fwd to seeing that nice brown truck pull up to my house after...
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    TRD oil cooler installed

    Thats for DAMNED SURE!! I still can't believe how pricey mine was and I got my parts mail order at a slight discount! Dave
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