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    NC Blue Ridge Parkway Cruise/Meet, Mid October?

    Baker, I dont see the problem here. That still gives you Sun. night and Monday to get out. WTF?? :dontknow: It won't be the same without short bus. :argh:
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    Its ma birfday!!!!!!!

    Happy Birthday Wild Bill. :canada: TC FTMFW!!
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    **Official XFE 2009 Pics**

    That just sounds gross. Not sure we wanna handle it. :dontknow: Care to share the story behind that one?:hmmmm2:
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    **Official XFE 2009 Pics**

    Oh we all know you had a good time :crinklehair:. I'm with Baker on this one, and what's wrong with that? Doesn't everyone know how good of friends we all are?:dontknow:
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    **Official XFE 2009 Pics**

    Yardie, I'd rather be known as Gene then :crinklehair: :eviltongue:. Oh I'm proud Baker. I don't recall anyone else there being able to do it. And, you know you loved it all that night. :biggrin:
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    **Official XFE 2009 Pics**

    Thanks for posting that Slywhitty.:eviltongue: Now everybody knows my secret. What ever happened to "what happens at X-Fest stays at X-Fest??!:argh: P.S. yes K2 is a blessed man. :wink:
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    **Official XFE 2009 Pics**

    Just wanted to let you guys know, ya'll freaking crack me up. :crinklehair::canada: Thanks for making a sucky day better. :biggrin:
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    Keep Ms. Stevenredx's mother in your thoughts/prayers

    So sorry to hear about her mom. Let Ash know that she and her mom are definitely in our thoughts and prayers. Anything we can do to help please dont hesitate to ask.
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    **Official XFE 2009 Pics**

    I have them on my camera Baker. Although they are fuzzy cause Klint was tryin to kill me.:motz: I'll post them anyway if you want.
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    **Official XFE 2009 Pics**

    Yardie, I dont remember talking to you...in fact I can't even see you!! :eviltongue: Where'd ya go?? Where'd ya go??? :laugh: <--- Crinkle hair? :rofl: GO TEAM CANADA!!!! <--- FTMFW
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    **Official XFE 2009 Pics**

    Thanks for posting pics guys. We will try to get some up tonight or tomorrow. David thanks for posting the "Best Picture Ever." For the record neither of us are perverts, we are a happily married couple who happened to take a picture while very intoxicated. :wink: Thank goodness that is the...
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    NEWS X-Fest East 2009

    Just wanted to let you guys know that the hotel info is probably definitely changing. We have found some less than flattering reviews of the current hotel so we are looking to change it to a nicer one as well as one that is closer to Hershey Park and the Car Museum we will be going to. As soon...
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    June 27 - MMA Fight in Norfolk

    Yeah well we'll "discuss" it some more when you get home! :biggrin:
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    **UPDATED** VA Meet Pics

    I'll get Klint to post up the pics we took tonight. Keep in mind most are drunk..or atleast on their way there. :smile: Too bad Klint and I missed Alex Sat. night, he always takes the best pics. :top:
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    June 27 - MMA Fight in Norfolk

    So you're goin out of town huh babe?
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    VA Mini-Meet [MAY 9th]

    Ok, so Klint told me to book a room for our trip up there this past Fri. so like a good little wife I did and NOW I find out we dont need a hotel room after all. SOOO I call the hotel and they wont let me cancel it b/c it was a pay in advance room. :thumpdown: So anyway, if anyone needs a room...
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    My old band is on iTunes!

    Yes, he does have his own groupie. :biggrin: Actually he has atleast 3 groupies. We follow him everywhere, much to his annoyance!:adore:
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    My old band is on iTunes!

    Oh my gosh Klint!! Can I get your autograph or something?? :wink:
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    Happy Birthday 2006nightrider

    Happy Birthday David. I believe even I will have a drink for you this weekend!! :top:
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    Circuit City closing all stores

    Sorry to hear about your brother Geoff. He'll definitely be in our thought's while he is going through all this. :frown:
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