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  1. hypertaco

    2012 steering wheel wires

    I thought I would share what the issue was. The three wires for the SWC in the main harness were cut and taped, so I could not see that they were cut. I fixed it, and it's all working now.
  2. hypertaco

    Oem bluetooth mic for sale?

    Agreed, thanks man. I am going to see if there is a setting on the head unit today. Fingers crossed
  3. hypertaco

    Oem bluetooth mic for sale?

    That's the problem, my new head unit is all factory connections, and I had removed the factory mic and put the aftermarket one in place with my previous Kenwood. My new unit is all plug and play, which is fine, just missing that mic. What's more strange is that the headunit can hear me with...
  4. hypertaco

    Oem bluetooth mic for sale?

    Anyone have the oem Bluetooth mic for sale. It's the one located I'm the headliner compartment. Apparently I lost the one I had
  5. hypertaco

    2012 steering wheel wires

    Ha, that is a great idea. Thank you!!!
  6. hypertaco

    2012 steering wheel wires

    Can anyone tell me which harness has the steering wheel controls in it. I had an aftermarket Kenwood put in three years ago and I think the harness was cut that had the steering wheel controls in it. Anyone have a pic of the harness? I already had the radio installed but apparently it was...
  7. hypertaco

    URD CAI with Magnuson Supercharger

    I was hoping someone had it. I am finally buying a supercharger and didn't want to put the factory box on if I didn't need too. I don't drive the truck I'm the rain, so I don't believe moisture would be an issue. I could get a sock for it if I decided to take a road trip.
  8. hypertaco

    URD CAI with Magnuson Supercharger

    Anyone running the URD CAI with a Magnuson supercharger without any trouble?
  9. hypertaco

    WTB: TRD BBK PTR09-35050

    Wow, where are earth did you find that?
  10. hypertaco

    DEVAN08 Build

    where did you get the TRD stamped s/c from?
  11. hypertaco


    one just posted on Facebook in this group. Kinda dirty, but may be able to clean up...
  12. hypertaco

    Godzilla Awakens!

    Would it also cover the 2012 and up 4.0L or would it be just for 05-11?
  13. hypertaco

    New tires

    Have you checked the Firestone Indy500's ? They have that sticky feel you need, and I have zero issues in the rain. Now what I don't know yet is how long they will last. I only have about 3k miles on them currently and don't drive my truck every week.
  14. hypertaco

    Just checking in, been a min!

    I drive a boring, reliable honda accord as my daily. old man style...lol
  15. hypertaco

    Just checking in, been a min!

    Yea man. I've had it two years now, and put about 5000 miles on it. She sits mostly, but I do have a lot of work to do to her this year. I have URD SS, XII leafs, and Sway Bars to put on when I can find the time. There is never enough time :) I may get me those Feel Coilovers as...
  16. hypertaco

    Just checking in, been a min!

    Love it! Nice Whips!
  17. hypertaco

    Let's connect old owners with new owners!! Post the last 5 of your vin!

    01433 Nautical Blue 2012 Purchased March 2018 from Florida
  18. hypertaco

    Godzilla Awakens!

    I'm saving up and waiting on this system. So I am definitely in!!!!
  19. hypertaco

    Ground effects

  20. hypertaco

    2005 xr vs 08 differences?

    I have one sitting around if you need it. Ya know, it being sweet and all :) LMAO...
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