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    Red-out tail lights

    Would love to see this done on 09+ Tails, anyone know someone that has done this? Pics?
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    Any one near phoenix

    There are plenty of guys in AZ. I'm in Scottsdale, where are you located?
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    COMAtose HI's 2012 Tacoma Build

    sweet ride man
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    WTB OEM drivers side healight

    One of the brackets that mounts my current headlight to the engine compartment and grill broke in half. No idea how it happened but i would like to but a new one and swap it out. Let me know. thanks
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    Brand new member from Sunny So Cal!

    Welcome to the XRU
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    Just bought a 2012 X-Runner! Wooot!

    Welcome to the XRU
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    New to forum

    Welcome to the XRU, BSP is the best color!
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    Trucks 4 Sale

    What kind of wheels are those, i like em!
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    looking to buy a x-runner (opinions)

    Love mine, haven't had any issues since the day i drove it off the lot
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    Pop N Lock Question

    Thats not a bad idea, then I guess I could paint the sides of the lock and use that for the face. Has anyone done this? Thanks Coupe!
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    Pop N Lock Question

    Bump Anyone have any ideas? Or can we just paint the lock? i feel like painting the lock will ruin the function of it, not to mention when i put the key in and out it will damage the paint
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    Pop N Lock Question

    I am talking about the lock itself, not the handle
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    Got the First 2012 X!

    Congrats man! Looks sick
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    Pop N Lock Question

    Hey Guys, So I just installed my pop n lock over the weekend and the bright chrome lock is kind of bugging me. It takes away from the single color of the back side. Is there anything I can do to make it blend in a little more? I have a BSP and I know painting a lock is not a great idea, but...
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    BakFlip G2 Tonneau Cover

    Do you have any pictures of what it looks like on, from the inside? Do you have to remove anything to install it? Do you lose your side rails?
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    BakFlip G2 Tonneau Cover

    Thanks for the imput, does anyone who actually owns one have any advice?
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    BakFlip G2 Tonneau Cover

    Does anyone have one of these? I think it would look really good on our trucks and it seems to have really great reviews. Anyone who has seen them please chime in and let me know, its going to be a christmas present to myself! Thanks
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    09+ Tail Light Pics Please

    Does anyone have a picture of 09+ Tails smoked? I am looing into doing this on my BSP. thanks
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    Some Truck Pictures

    Man those pictures look great, I love those rims too. What type/size rims are those I'm really loving em! :top:
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