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    Not wanted anymore‼️

    Car-parts.com. Ties you in to all the junkyards Find an xrunner and go from there :)
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    X-Runner RTR Side Exhaust Body Panel?

    Custom panel for the RTR xrunner I'm afraid...
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    Sticky request: Changes over model years

    2009 ECU plug changed also rear end changed did it not after 2008? with traction control? or is that just 4x4's? There is emissions stuff after 2011-ish
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    LS2 swap

    Woah. Congrats on the progress !
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    LS2 swap

    Where's the updates man!?!
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    Shane's URD MRKlll++ supercharger Build

    huh, interesting so what are you doing for an intake then?
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    Shane's URD MRKlll++ supercharger Build

    What's the difference between the -91 and -92?
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    Is the warranty of a Canadian Toyota Imported to US valid in the US?

    Probably not to some unknown reason other than politics. Only real issue seems to be the throw out bearing but install URD's and you're set
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    LS2 swap

    Poke... How's it coming along?
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    Roll N Lock

    I had this on my xrunner from new Switched to the BAK Roll-X tonneau on my DubCab as it rolls up, not into the bed Keeps the full bed area available
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    Once. I give it once
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    one click and boom for many.......... queue up DS in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1....
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    Grenaded 1GR

    Http://car-parts.com is your friend
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    '08 auto tranny vs '10 auto <- :(

    So seems I may have blown my transmission in my dubcab. No biggie Is there any difference between an 08-09-10? There's some super low mileage ones around and just want to know if later years will plug and play into my 2008 auto dubcab Huge thx.
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    Stay away from Carmax

    Dang it. What did I miss
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    LS2 swap

    When you're done you can come do mine.... I'm only minutes away
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    LS2 swap

    Hey kwigs Copy the Direct URL from photobucket Click the image icon when you're editing your post ^^and hit paste Hit enter Rinse and repeat Quote my thread with fixed pix to see what I mean :)
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    LS2 swap

    Hope this fixes it
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    LS2 swap

    Delete this. Next post fixes it
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    Sproulesxrunner's Build

    And Wilson is still alive :) Glad it was nothing
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