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  1. sacX

    nor cal meet

    Where at? Which hooters? I like boobs! I like x-runners! I like food! Winning combinations!!
  2. sacX

    white / pearl white xr in sac / natomas ?

    I live down the street from that shopping center, and have sadly never seen that one...i see an occasional blue, couple black, and a red one around my area as well...Ill keep my eyes peeled!
  3. sacX

    Squeal in Reverse

    I had the same problem... replaced brake pads...problem solved...
  4. sacX

    nor cal crew

    Might be interested if time and place works
  5. sacX

    LED stuff...

    Very Cool!
  6. sacX

    Strong Presence of Tacos in Hawaii

    Naah, didnt get any pics, most of the time I saw the X's going oposite way, and last second...I was in rental car, and on winding roads most of the time...
  7. sacX

    Strong Presence of Tacos in Hawaii

    I was on Big Island of Hawaii from June20-28 and saw soo many tacoma trucks...but I got really excited when I saw a red X, well that maroon color on southbound on Highway19 by Kailua, and then a SWB the next day northbound on highway 19 by Hapuna Beach area, and then a Black X southbound highway...
  8. sacX

    Fort natomas

    I live in Natomas, with swb, but no pipe cut :smile:
  9. sacX

    Have your X been vandalized/disrespected before?

    I got all of you beat! Not to sound like Im proud of the haters out there, but Ive had some very bad luck... a month after I got my X back in 05, it was paintballed while I was away on vacation...counted 50 paintballs, got new paintjob...later that year, glass bottle shattered and left nasty...
  10. sacX

    getting closer to my new look

    Lookin good!:top:
  11. sacX

    wheel time....20s or 22s

    I love my 22s, they fill the gap perfectly, id say deuces!
  12. sacX

    u kidding me!? hit & run w/ pics :(

    The exact same thing happened to my truck, exact spot n damage as well...I heard a loud crunch as I was walking towards my truck but couldnt see anything, just heard my alarm going off, I was with my boss, and I ran to a clearing to get a clear view of this Dodge ram pulling away from my truck...
  13. sacX

    cross country xru relay

    1. Rennurx. Pottstown pa 2. P05X. Boston ma 3. Irunnit. Lyndhurst NJ 4. BSP06XRU. San Gabriel, CA (just East of Los Angeles) 5. Chatt X. Chattanooga, TN 6. Easts1d3. Windsor,On (Canada/Detroit) 7. Hottacox. G-spot, On Canada 8. alexxwing. San jose, CA 9. True. Fredericksburg, VA 10. Slywhitty...
  14. sacX

    Time for some new Rims! Photoshop Please

    I like the "XR" Center Cap hehe :top:
  15. sacX

    29 Porcupine Needles Removed

    Aww poor pup, did you run that porcupine over with the X after?
  16. sacX

    New x-runner from Ontario

    Welcome! Show us what you got! :postpics:
  17. sacX

    My demon eye headlights,and angry eyelids

    Looks great! What size strip led light is that? I was just lookin 4 one the other day...
  18. sacX

    layed out X in SCV took a pic

    My dog looks like that when hes sleeping :laugh: It looks sick tho!
  19. sacX

    Official: SWB X Pic Thread

    My 2005 SWB
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