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    70 mm throttle body

    Justin is correct, its only as thick as it needs to be to be sturdy and have enough threads for both the throttle body and the supercharge iintake or composite intake or whatever else your running it with. It does taper however from large on the throttle body side to slightly smaller on the...
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    TRD update

    TRD blowers are done. Thats all they have announced so far, but keep in mind TRD really didn't make very much... the trd blower is an eaton m90 blower same thing as a lot of the mustangs run with a different housing to fit our motors and a bit different gearing (I think the gearing is...
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    A testament to tuning the X-Runner....

    Cant tell you how many times I have shot those things across the shop... on my personal vehicle - no problem zip ties! Customer vehicle... if someone were to take it apart and find I had zip tied things or even modified them from original I could get in big trouble :( EVEN IF it was working...
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    Re-Installing My Supercharger

    Just read this entire thread for the first time... VERY interesting haha. You are also extremely persistant iniazy, props on that! You have me thinking of getting a MAP ECU 3, I can't decide between a Haltech, UCON or MAP ECU 3. But with all the success you seem to be having with it you have...
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    A testament to tuning the X-Runner....

    Replacement of any factory piece with anything other than another factory piece is a "mod" or adding anything that didn't come from the factory with it, to include adding things from other trim packages sometimes even can be a "mod". :top:
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    need help with key program

    And again to be clear, you llost all your keys and want a new one right? That's the end goal?
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    need help with key program

    You mean pull the immobilizer ecu and swap it? Toyota tells us under no circumstances to ever do this. I took a class on smart key / immobilizer. They say it will cause a serious headache you don't want basically. That being said there is a way to do it, but they do not provide instructions /...
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    LS2 swap

    That engine looks so good you have me considering a swap :biggrin:
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    1/8th mile irwindale, CA 6-18-15

    Went back to Irwindale with a co-worker and did 7 runs this time, fastest was 9.034 seconds. That's again with tools, dual batteries, winch, toolbox, headache rack, plate front bumper and a lift with 33's. Sorry for the video it wasn't my phone. And yes the truck is black now ;) Trd Supercharged...
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    Aftermarket Fuel Rail???

    Well I don't need the pump or regulator but I'll buy it all to get the rails! Pm sent. :top:
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    Aftermarket Fuel Rail???

    Definitely not necessary but also attests to your dedication, I appreciate it Gadget, but again not necessary. Just want the bling! ;) Anyone have a set they would part with?
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    The time has come. The Part out thread.

    If I had 5k I would totally buy your turbo kit... Twin charged tacoma... mhmmm well anyways bump..
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    Aftermarket Fuel Rail???

    Well you and I both know I don't need it yet at the power levels im at, I don't see a problem ever to be honest. Also I already have an aftermarket fuel pressure regulator tapped into my stock fuel rail and a 7th injector, so I don't need it for that either. I do however think it would look...
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    Aftermarket Fuel Rail???

    Hmm, can't find these anywhere? : / And they aren't shown on APR's Website unless im blind : / would really like some red ones...
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    Air Injection Removal

    The air injection would be pointless with the spec u exhaust. I'm running essentially the same setup just not as nice, (Doug thorley long tubes and Doug thorley pipe bomb) so no cats on a 2012 prerunner. Air injection comes on and pumps air into the exhaust but it serves no purpose or function...
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    Check engine light and Slip indicator lights

    If something isn't correct with their work on the intake - it doesn't matter that your warranty is expired. They didn't complete the work correctly the first time (If this is the case). Also on a side note, you can turn off the traction control without having the check engine light on -...
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    Method Race Wheel - Roost: redrill to fit?

    IMO: Do not redrill. Not worth it, nor would I run adapters. Choose different wheels that you like, just find some that you like the look of and powdercoat them any color you want if need be, or plastidip. Professionally they can be re-drilled depending on the pre and post patterns and as...
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    Check engine light and Slip indicator lights

    Did you fill it up, let it sit for 5 hours or more, and then drove it again and the light was off? If this is the case it was likely evaporative codes, and I wouldn't worry about it. But if thats not the case, you should really go have the codes pulled before it erases them from the stored...
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    WTB: Non stop Tuning TRD pulley insert kit

    If they ever respond to me asking them that, I will let you know :)
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