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  1. Hawk373

    wrecked my xr...

    I wish I owned an Xrunner! I have a long travel TRD. The Tacoma racks don’t handle 35” tires very well offroad. I hang out here since this is the 1GR performance Mecca. Hoping the next Gen Tacoma brings this place back to life with a new X. There are some kits out there to retrofit LC and...
  2. Hawk373

    Stoptech/TRD BBK Info

    20% off TRD rotors from SOS Performance https://www.instagram.com/reel/Cp8pAX8prmq/?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y=
  3. Hawk373

    wrecked my xr...

    No problem. Just replied. I’ll find a box and get a shipping estimate. I’ll reach out later in the day…
  4. Hawk373

    wrecked my xr...

  5. Hawk373

    wrecked my xr...

    I have most of the front end parts you need, aside from headlights and grill surround. I’m in NJ. You’re welcome to them. Just upgraded my radiator so that and the shroud are just taking up space. I even have a steering rack since I installed a Tundra rack. Edit: Painted parts are black.
  6. Hawk373

    URD Mk3 Supercharger breaks 500 RWHP

    Do you think you’d have pushed the engine that far with forged internals on the stock crank?
  7. Hawk373

    Oil Pressure Sensor Under Filter Plate

    I see. I was similarly disappointed I’d have to use a sandwich plate to install an oil temp gauge due to thermocouple length. 2GR guys have all sorts of cool shit like this adapter plate. Never ventured to see if the 1GR is similar or the same. https://wilhelmraceworks.com/2gr-oil-cooler
  8. Hawk373

    Oil Pressure Sensor Under Filter Plate

    I used one of these at the oil pressure sensor. Don’t think I had those clearance issues. I’ll have to look tomorrow. GlowShift 1/8 BSPT Male to 1/8-27 NPT Female Hex Universal Sensor Thread Adapter Reducer https://a.co/d/5XOmw2T Not the spot you’re looking to use, but has multiple spots to...
  9. Hawk373

    URD Supercharger Kits - Ready for orders again!!

    I’m looking for one of these air boxes. If anyone has one laying around it would be a great help.
  10. Hawk373

    WTB URD Supercharger airbox and charge pipe.

    I’m looking for anyone willing to part with a the air box and/or MAF/charge pipe from the URD Supercharger kit for the 4.0 Tacoma. More importantly the air box. I upgraded my Procharger intercooler to Gagets larger 3” cooler and just trying to add some of his other better design elements to my...
  11. Hawk373

    High clearance inner fenders

    JD Fab has developed direct replacement high clearance inner fenders for long travel offroad guys to stuff large tires. I thought these might apply to the guys that are bagged and in need of a tubbed inner. There’s a group buy going on if you’re interested in checking them out…...
  12. Hawk373

    2005 xrunner supercharged built motor

    Dang! I didn’t realize you were selling. If I had somewhere covered to keep it I’d consider.
  13. Hawk373

    WTB polyurethane mount

    Tim at DMZ Fab makes engine/trans mount kits that fit very nice. 2 of the 3 mounts I’ve installed have been from him. Can’t say enough nice things about Tim. My intended purpose for mounting was for a friendly relationship between coil bucket gussets and URD long tube headers. The rubber...
  14. Hawk373

    Godzilla Awakens!

    Hi @Gadget, is this still a possibility for the Tacoma?
  15. Hawk373

    Godzilla Awakens!

    I’ve been pining over this supercharger for a while now. I still have some hope I’m clinging on to.
  16. Hawk373

    Any options for master brake cylinder swap?

    https://www.tacomaworld.com/threads/doublld-master-cylinder-upgrade-feeler.471751/ @Doublld is pretty close.
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