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    Calling All Frame Replacements!!!!

    Frame replacements are from 2005-2007 for now. X-runner frames have a completely different part # than the other frames. X-brace isn't the only thing that makes the truck different.
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    Track session

    Yea I was.... 90% of those late apexs were because the truck wasn't stopping like before. I still think the brakes were great for what they were dealing with. That was session 4 of 7. I still have a main track toy and a main autocross car to focus on BUT I'm def going to build this truck now...
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    Track session

    I took my x runner to NYST (New York safety track) located up in Jefferson NY. Mainly a bike track but they do sessions with cars there too. Had a blast. Truck has lowering springs, atd fluid and br Goodrich Gforce tires lol (340 tw FTW). I'm an autocrosser and not a track guy at all. I was...
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    Brake pads for autocross

    I searched and found some decent threads on this subject but it seems like if you want this truck to stop, you have to go bbk. i don't want to do that. Im going to do typ200 brake fluid which I've always used and possibly lines if I feel like it (probably not). I get rotors dirt cheap so I'm...
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    1st time truck owner

    Did a little searching and found the group buy he had a couple of years ago. Saw the right up and wow! Looks legit. Thanks! I'll shoot him a pm and if he has any left I guess I'll be banging out some side work at work to pay for this. Thanks again
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    1st time truck owner

    Here's what I traded for the x runner
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    1st time truck owner

    Thanks! So far this is the best thing I've ever owned. I can't remember when Another vehicle I loved driving as much as this. I can't wait to beat on my friends hating on my "poor" choice haha. Here are my 2 previous autocross cars
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    1st time truck owner

    Hey everyone. My name is Samad. I've always been into cars and wasn't a fan of trucks. I'm big into autocrossing. After a year with the frs I decided to get a new car. Was looking into BMW zhp 330i when I decided "screw it". Picked up a 2005 xrunner that recently had a frame done. I fell in...
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