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  1. mejbro

    Oil Pressure Sensor Under Filter Plate

    Never done anything like this, but I'm familiar with NPT, BSP, JIC, and more fittings. NPT threads are tapered so 1) I'm surprised to know that we had a potential fitting there and 2) I would put a sealant or thread tape to be sure not to leak. I just looked at mine and it looks like the drain...
  2. mejbro

    One of our original members has left the chat....

    My condolences to all the folks that knew him.
  3. mejbro

    Can my truck be called an X-Runner?

    It looks like a Pre-runner wearing a really nice X-runner hat... JUST KIDDING - the truck looks great and after all the work you've done, you deserve to call it what you want! It really does look awesome - it would be easy to pass as an "X" - you even got the 5 spoke wheels on there...
  4. mejbro

    what are the current gas prices in your area?

    4.29+ for 87 - RX350 4.93+ for 93 - GS F 5.00+ for 93 non-ethanol, but I filled the X before Brandon came along and paid 3.15 for non-ethanol 93 and put stabilizer. Came out of the garage to ride on a trailer and move to a new garage in New York. This poor truck...seriously considering moving...
  5. mejbro

    Things may look a little different for a while

    Also, K2 I didn't see the post for donations this year...
  6. mejbro

    Things may look a little different for a while

    Ditto! Thank you for updating the site!
  7. mejbro

    Oem bluetooth mic for sale?

    Best of luck, almost sounds like your mic is built in. Very strange that it handles voice commands, but not communication. Wonder if there's a setting you can change? If you need a plug in mic, I've got a spare from a Pioneer radio.
  8. mejbro

    Oem bluetooth mic for sale?

    That kit that you'll look up on Crutchfield will show the mic too. Your new receiver will have a mic input on the rear of the unit. You can install it in the stock location.
  9. mejbro

    URD CAI with Magnuson Supercharger

    I think they still do, it might be listed under other vehicles too. They're the same, just measure to verify. I would put one on regardless because it's not just water you should worry about - bugs, pollen, dust, etc.. If you're running the stock grille - it will always be a tight fit so install...
  10. mejbro

    2012 steering wheel wires

    Go to crutchfield.com, click on the top left of the page, choose car audio and video, and put your truck info in. Choose "installation accessories" on the website. That will prompt you to answer which brand and model radio you'll be installing - it will then show you the specific harness with...
  11. mejbro

    URD CAI with Magnuson Supercharger

    I love my URD CAI until I gotta move the piping for any reason. The headlight HAS to come out. I run a sock on mine. What is pretty cool, though - it sounds like a King Cobra is gonna suck you into the grill. I didn't say anything earlier cuz I have a MK I URD Blower... I saw it was meant for...
  12. mejbro

    New tires

    That's EXCELLENT to hear cuz the way I drive ( don't drive ) the X that 55K warranty will last a lifetime! Lol
  13. mejbro

    New tires

    After y'alls advice I'm gonna buy some of the AS4's whenever I get the truck running again. Gonna try to make enough room in the garage this weekend to get the X in there. Then I'll put the Clutchmasters TOB in, then hopefully it'll move to take it to get tires on.
  14. mejbro

    Random Chatter

    Thanks Madtrucker for keeping the country moving. I'm working at Frito-Lay in Binghamton, NY and we are also short drivers to pickup/ deliver the extracted starch from the potatoes that make the tasty chips. It's usually 44K, every 4 days. Click- remember, when one says "scat, scat, scat"...
  15. mejbro

    Random Chatter

    Wassup Click!?! Nothin' much new besides moving to the Arctic Circle. ( Upstate New York ) My wife's mother got sick and we transplanted from VA to help. Really thinking about selling the X-runner and getting a Lexus GS F. I'm so bougie now after driving my Tundra everywhere. Our daughter is 2...
  16. mejbro

    New Seats

    Marine upholstery places usually do a better job than auto upholstery places in my limited experience. I had all the seats done in my 2003 Jetta with that red and black plaid fabric, added some cushion, and it very quickly became the best equipment on a s&%t vehicle.
  17. mejbro

    X-FEST 2021 - Here we go again!

    Ditto Please and thank you!
  18. mejbro

    2005 xrunner supercharged built motor

    Trailer, yikes I'm about to drive back down to VA from NY tonight to pick up the X... the last thing at the house. We listed last Wednesday and sold on Saturday. Woof, I'm beat... Next time someone else can move me... for me! Lol
  19. mejbro

    X-FEST 2021 - Here we go again!

    Much love to the Underground!
  20. mejbro

    X-FEST 2021 - Here we go again!

    Hello folks. With the upcoming event just around the corner - please take care of each other... My wife and I have been over the top with Covid - to the point where the weekends were mostly for my eyelids to heal from wearing a mask 10+ hours a day. She's a teacher - who wore mask and shield -...
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