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    Is Toyota crazy ?

    bought an X new in 05, paid $24,500.00 + TRD Charger $3,800.00 = 320rwhp SOLD it Bought a new Tundra Crewmax loaded in 08, paid $25,000.00 + TRD Charger for $3,900.00 = 504hp 550tq Much better deal :top:
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    So what did you get for X-Mas?

    5.7L TRD Supercharger, installed by ArkansasX last weekend in Little Rock. It doesn't get any better... good times, good friends, and one damn fast truck :top: little elf in my engine bay, done in 9 hours, and I helped :eviltongue:
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    Map ECU2 + Plug & Play Harness 4.0

    Item is no longer available Item is no longer available
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    Merry christmas!!!!!!!!!

    Merry Christmas !!! Happy Holidays to all...
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    Toughts/Prayer Request (URGENT)

    good to hear she is ok :top:
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    Stryker Stealth, X-Mas came early ;-)

    cell phone vids after Phillip rebuilt the Weber 4 barrel, it is good to have a mechanic on call when ya need one :rockon: 5yrtzqTnItQ 6m0qYuaY3j4
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    09 tail lights

    and I thought you liked pinkish tails :laugh:
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    Stryker Stealth, X-Mas came early ;-)

    Thanks guys, now anyone wanna come help me extend the garage :laugh: Rewired the sound system and trailer lights, lake today, once she is all cleaned up I think even the pup is ready to go to the lake Can we put this in an X ?
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    Stryker Stealth, X-Mas came early ;-)

    don't even know it's back there, have you seen this one on e-bay, the 38' is crazy http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/1992-38-ft-Stryker-cigarette-boat_W0QQcmdZViewItemQQhashZitem2ea84f0518QQitemZ200392246552QQptZPowerQ5fMotorboats#vi-content-financingId
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    Stryker Stealth, X-Mas came early ;-)

    yep, actually got it for $7300, this thing moves
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    Stryker Stealth, X-Mas came early ;-)

    just picked up and took it out yesterday, all I can say is :vroam: made in Huntsville, Alabama
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    NTI mooresville

    what Bell are you on??? :biggrin: Stop trying to ring his bell Tapp, honeymoon is over, time to get your move on :top:
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    TRD S/C and BOV

    here's what you need, check out the sound clips :laugh: http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/Brand-New-Engine-Turbo-Simulator-Universal-Select-1Size_W0QQcmdZViewItemQQ_trksidZp3286Q2ec0Q2em14QQhashZitem3ca25ba931QQitemZ260421953841QQptZMotorsQ5fCarQ5fTruckQ5fPartsQ5fAccessories
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    Home Remod 101... not done yet :-(

    The living room and kitchen floors are finally done...
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    Super clean engine bay pics!!!!!!!

    silly rabbit, it's gonna rain for the next 3 days :laugh:, does look good though
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    Leather from factory

    perforated leather FTW, it breathes :top::top: lotsa custom colors and threads... http://www.totallytwistedcreations.com/html/clazzio_0.html
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    Drop your spare tire for weight reduction?

    :laugh: better check your bill, bet you'll find a charge there...nothing is free. If all I had was the insurance, it would only protect me and my vehicle. If I'm riding with you and your truck breaks, AAA will tow it just because I'm a passenger in your vehicle. :top::top: All in all it's...
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    **2010 X-Runner**

    Wonder if they will ever put the new 4.6L in the X :hmmmm2:
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    Traded the X today

    he's obviously been gay, that's why he bought a Dodge, DooD... WTF, I call BS 2
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    Drop your spare tire for weight reduction?

    :secruity::bird::secruity::rolleyez: I have AAA, and I'm older, but I can still lift a tire and read the fuel gauge. The last time I used my AAA was to have a YOUNGER friends X towed home after he blew out his clutch :laugh:
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