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  1. s/chargedxrunner06

    this has to be the worse body shop experience i have ever seeen

    OMG WTF I would fu*kin tear that sh*t off the car and personally screw that sh*t to that guys head and body with the same screws, paint him, then set the SOB on FIRE, that is in-fu*kin-sane :motz:
  2. s/chargedxrunner06

    Stock Stereo ERROR 3???

    That's a internal malfunction in the stereo itself, take it to the dealer and they should replace it under warranty on an 08, the coverage is 3 years and 36K miles.
  3. s/chargedxrunner06

    X-FEST or bust

    Me and ArkansasX will be leaving around 7am, everybody be safe and we will see you there.:rock:
  4. s/chargedxrunner06

    XFE 2008 Attendance List

    1. MY68UR8TRD - 07 BSP 2. Stevenredx & Ms. Stevenredx - 05 RR 3. Gadget - 05 SWB 4. 2006nightrider & Ms. 2006nightrider - 06 BSP/SIL 5. TACOMATOSED - 06 SWB 6. braves011 - 08 RR 7. TacoInvader & g/f - 05 BSP 8. Yotaman-05 BSP 9. 06ATLBSP 10. Tacoma2055 - SWB 11. Alexrunner - 05 BSP 12. LOW &...
  5. s/chargedxrunner06


    I was a pissed off SOB when that happened and especially finding out who did it, If you think back when this happened everyone was saying "we need to go over there and wipe them out" and then a year or so later people are saying "we shouldn't be over there, why are we over there" I don't...
  6. s/chargedxrunner06

    Wanted: Stock Intake Plenum

    Steven's going dual carbs :laugh:
  7. s/chargedxrunner06

    TRD trucks overhead

    I would get it from you? but a good friend of mine from work already got me one. :laugh: There like $1000 from the dealership
  8. s/chargedxrunner06

    Le' Rear Spoiler

    You can get them from Glenn at www.totallytwistedcreations.com
  9. s/chargedxrunner06

    September 2008 : tacomatosed 2006 SWB

    :top:CONGRATS GEOFF, WELL DESERVED, See you at X-Fest :rock:
  10. s/chargedxrunner06

    Write-Up: Clock Color Change

    After I removed the orange color on mine I found some transparent blue spray paint (hobby paint) and sprayed the back side of the lens to give it more of a bluish color. you have to be careful when removing the orange color on the clock lens, stay away from the black out line it will also come...
  11. s/chargedxrunner06

    Lug Nut Torque?

    85 Ft. Lbs. is correct. :top:
  12. s/chargedxrunner06

    Nice Song!

    I was 14 when that came out in 1976 woo hoo :laugh:
  13. s/chargedxrunner06

    static weight removal??

    3M Adhesive Remover.
  14. s/chargedxrunner06

    hey everybody

    Welcome to XRU :rock:
  15. s/chargedxrunner06

    Huge power loss. Help please

    There is no sense in installing 2 new rear cats if you have DTLTs because the front are already gone anyway.
  16. s/chargedxrunner06

    Huge power loss. Help please

    Werty believe me I had one about 8 months ago 4.7 S/C Tundra with the same problem at first it came and went and then finally did it all the time, if your boost is going higher than normal that is caused by excess back pressure in the exhaust
  17. s/chargedxrunner06

    Huge power loss. Help please

    Fuel filter would make you go lean, he has cat issues.
  18. s/chargedxrunner06

    Huge power loss. Help please

    Hell I see you have DTLTs so your front cats are already gone, so I would just gut the rear cats and put a new pipe bomb or muffler on it would be the cheapest way.
  19. s/chargedxrunner06

    Huge power loss. Help please

    No but if your caught it's a 10K fine per cat.
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