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    WTB URD Y-Pipe

    Like the title say im looking for a URD Y pipe. Paypal ready!
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    Wideband Shoot Out

    nothing but good info
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    New URD product

    mine got fried and had to get a new sim. Improper placing on my part. Hate CELs
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    Just ordered an ebay oil catch can

    i hate work computers i cant seen it or go to ebay to look.
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    DT pipe bomb & urd y pipe

    How does the truck feel with the ypipe. Its the only piece I'm missing.
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    URD MAF Tune

    Soldering was done correctly with heat shrink. Once I found the problem,I removed solder with "solder sucker" to remove calibrator wire, then resoldered OEM wiring with heat shrink. Cut, wired and soldered correct wire. No CEL yet. I think I'm having a problem with my wife's POS laptop. The...
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    URD MAF Tune

    Gadget did figure it out in 30 seconds lol. Now to figure out how to get a box of donuts to him :). Then after checking wires again truck still ran like shit. So I called him again, talked a bit and come to the conclusion it was a wiring issue. So after rechecking the wire it did find I did...
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    URD MAF Tune

    Didn't get u in time. I'll call u tomorrow. I left all the wires soldered just cut the device off about 4 inches down the taped the maf sensor back together (violet and green). Truck is running fine now.
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    URD MAF Tune

    Alright I installed and everything runs like poop No throttle, sputtering, CEL( throttle position sensor). Any ideas? All connections were checked, checked and rechecked. I'm lost?:
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    URD MAF Tune

    Hey Gadget I just got an email today! Time to load this up and put it in once I hunt down the install instruction? Think my wife threw them out. FML! Thanks again I really do appreciate it. I'll be talking to you early next year for a supercharger BTW Hey burnboy thanks for the support...
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    URD MAF Tune

    I really just need a starting point. I understand that the wideband ultimately will be needed to get a it near perfect but the starting point with the mods I have would be good. I'm attempting to get into tuning not only for my truck but for my mustang as well.
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    URD MAF Tune

    I can't say if he is or not cuz I don't personally know him nor is it my business. I'm just going wait the require time. This post I assume will probably be thrown way out of per portion.
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    URD MAF Tune

    The post never meant to be "snappy" to begin with...just going by what I learned in school and quoting the answer given to me. As far as waiting I can wait for the tune it doesn't bother me, the part isn't going anywhere. I simply requested if anyone had such tune if they could share the...
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    URD MAF Tune

    Yes it was bought second NITB from a TW member. I can wait for the tune from URD I'm just impatient I guess.
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    URD MAF Tune

    I've contacted URD on the phone and via email about my request and I got " when time permits" answer. I recently bought a URD MAF Calibrator and I need a tune for it. Is there anyone here that has one similar to what I need and would do me a favor and send me the file so I can load it...
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    URD MAF with MAP option

    I'm about to purchase a NITB Urd maf calibrator with the map option. Can a calibrator with the map option work on a non boosted Tacoma with no complications . I plan on going boosted in the future just not at this time. According to Urd it says if u plan on going boosted in the future to...
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    URD MAF Calibrator

    Thanks guys for the help. I don't have my required 30 posts yet to enter the for sale threads :(
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    URD MAF Calibrator

    He guys im new to XRU coming from TW. Got a question about the URD MAF Calibrator. I'm looking into getting one for my truck, trying to keep costs low so Im trying get on used. Question is....if I was to pick up one used how would I go about tuning it to the mods that are on my truck. I've...
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    Finally got the VR4 running

    Awesome cars I have a buddy at work that has one...just had the motor rebuilt in LA before getting deployed and will be building it when back. Always liked the 3000GT
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