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  1. braves011

    X-Runners are slow

    Oh man my first post in three years, exciting to see the trolls afoot!
  2. braves011

    Top Gear - Korea

    wheres the like button? haha:biggrin:
  3. braves011

    new bike.

    So a weekend trip to Busch Gardens turned into me coming home with this 2013 MV Agusta F3 I always stop at Euro Cycles of Tampa when we go just to drool over the artwork. Well for some reason this guy was sitting there (well kinda) long story short my wife was in love with it and ended...
  4. braves011

    Good deal on Certified Used X?

    dude I would not pay more than 17k for it and even that would be a stretch. XR's are a hard sell its a very niche market and are a bit more pricey to get into than a Xtreme and such. Also you're in Maine I don't see people lining up to buy a 2wd sport truck up there heck they don't even do it...
  5. braves011

    other trucks you've owed and how they compare to your xr

    I've had... 1997 F150 reg cab v6 (first ride at 15) good reliable truck only mod I did was a white gauge face The XR..... yeah aside from the constant trans issues I had great truck 1997 F150 ext. cab Lariat picked it up cheap drove it for 6mo and flipped it for 40% profit 2004 F150 4x4...
  6. braves011

    NOTICE XRU mourns the loss of John/Murderface

    Wow I still cannot believe this happened John was such a great stand up guy. Does anyone know how it happened?
  7. braves011

    site suggestion

    So was kinda browsing around at XR's again not sure if I want to fight the trans issue again but noticed that there's no organization to the for "for sale" section. Have ya'll thrown around the idea of making a "vehicle for sale" subforum so those looking for a truck don't have to filter through...
  8. braves011

    need some help from someone in socal...

    I'm looking at a car at a dealership in the Sherman Oaks/Burbank area and before I fly to the other end of the country I'd love for someone to go put a set of eyes on it and see if there are any issues with it. just shoot me a PM if you can help me out, if I end up coming to get it I'll buy you...
  9. braves011

    whos sitting at 500+ and...

    ok lets review LS motors have been around for 15-20 years so obviously they have had time to prove reliability the 1GR has been here since 05 and only been used in a handful of platforms (all of which are trucks). Also you can't seriously make that statement how many 1GR's are out there that are...
  10. braves011

    whos sitting at 500+ and...

    do you have facts to back that up? I'm sure there are of plenty of 1GR's out there that will last as long as your ls1.
  11. braves011

    Which sounds longer?

    dammit i voted days, 155 days sound ALOT shorter than 5mo 1 day does. and the countdown is easier with days.
  12. braves011

    new supercharger....

    lol the thought never crossed my mind I know I wonder how many lambo owners have bought it:laugh:
  13. braves011

    new supercharger....

    so was browsing the interwebs for superchargers (don't ask what for) and came across this....:laugh: was wondering if anyone else has seen this? I think it was meant to be on kalecoauto.com http://www.superchargerswarehouse.com/dyno-proven-results.html I love how they boast dyno-proven results...
  14. braves011

    Medical Insurance - how much do you pay?

    Military here so all I pay is like 12/mo so wife and kids have dental. Since being in I'd cashed in a laser eye surgery, a nose job, sinus surgery, 2 babies and all my daughters medical problems add up to hefty amount not to mention the prescriptions they give us. dude I dont know about car...
  15. braves011

    My New FR-S!!!

    drive the subie it feels ALOT nicer the Scion IMO and Subie actually gives you options and a balla interior:crinklehair:
  16. braves011

    Damn You Highway Patrol

    another reason i won't live in Cali, down south you can go as dark as you wont and no one will say anything unless you give them a reason (i.e. be a dick, speed, run lights etc...) I've never heard of anyone down here getting pulled solely for tint.
  17. braves011


    the Anime one was actually posted on here by a member I tried looking for it but can't seem to find it.
  18. braves011

    Tapps TACO Build...

    damn Pat that thing is looking fly!
  19. braves011


    I know of two, one was in SWB at one of those anime comic book convention things I think. The one I saw in person was a RR up in the Charlotte, NC area.
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