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    Serpentine belt tensioner pulley

    I cannot find the diagram showing the tensioner pulley on my 2008 X runner. Where is it located? How do you change it? Thanks
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    Scangauge Ii Group Buy!!!!

    I will take one if the price is right
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    Largest oil filter???

    I just changed oil for the first time using the Purlator Pure One Pl20195. It is longer than the original Toyota filter. Does any manufacturer make a longer filter?
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    Soon to be an 08 owner

    Welcome and thank you for putting your life on the line for our freedom. I have an 08 X and have had no problems. The EPA estimates have changed for all cars for the 2008 model year. They "recaculated" their formula. I hypermile my X and I get around 20 mpg in town and 23 to 24 mpg on the...
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    Oil Filter PN List

    Purlator Pure One filters have two filters to fit the X. The short filter is numbered PL10241. The larger 5 1/4" Pure One filter is pl20195 I ordered from Amazon the larger filter for $29.64 for 6 filters with free shipping.
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    Data Recorder

    What is the length of time that the data recorder records data as in accident reconstruction? Can Toyota dealerships retrieve the data to see how you were driving prior to say "blowing the engine"?
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    08 X-Runner Roll Call

    1. 08 XR RR, St. Charles, Missouri. September 21.2007
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