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  1. brs

    Time for XR to move over. So what's next?

    Not sure what you mean by bottom end. Are you talking about the Crank etc? Only internal changes to the engine are the exhaust timing gears. Here is a list of what has been done... URD TwinDisc Clutch for 1GR-FE 4.0L V6 w/6 speed URD Spec T-56 Magnum Transmission for URD 1GR-T56 Swap Kit URD...
  2. brs

    Time for XR to move over. So what's next?

    BTW - I plunked down a deposit for a 2020 Ridgeliner. Used Costco member discount which sent me to the local Honda Fleet office for a no hassle purchase. I highly recomend this route for those buying new. The fellow at Fleet encouraged me to keep the truck as a fun vehicle and take it to PIR...
  3. brs

    Time for XR to move over. So what's next?

    Took the XR to PRE-racing (Portland OR) last week for a dyno test. First time I ever had anything on the dyno, first time I've been able to calibrate seat of the pants 'feel' to a known number. 359.57 HP 375.24 Torque Here is the chart (I tried the "Upload a File" button but didn't work for...
  4. brs

    Time for XR to move over. So what's next?

    No, I hadn't seen that video (just watched it). Kinda makes me think I'm looking in the right direction. The 2020 Ridgeline now has a 9 speed transmission not tested in the video.
  5. brs

    Time for XR to move over. So what's next?

    Spoke with a few friends today, one of which just retired and sold his auto shop. Their comment about Honda's was that every single one of them have a timing 'belt' and it's a $1500 ding every 100K miles. By the time I get 100K miles I'll be going to some electron pushing battery truck with...
  6. brs

    Time for XR to move over. So what's next?

    I did think about keeping it as a "toy", it's very fun to drive. But like you said, I'll have to park it. I'd hate to park it outside as it's always been in the garage and for an 09 it still gets complements. I thought about getting something like the FJ or even a Tacoma but really it needs...
  7. brs

    Time for XR to move over. So what's next?

    I've loved my XR since new in '09 but recently I've been seeing the need to drive something 4WD or AWD as well as automatic trans.. I have really liked the Toyota brand and the XR/Tacoma is a great size for me but it seems that new models have not been keeping up with the times and technology...
  8. brs

    Ahhh, I was typing you a message and got side tracked. Not sure what happened to my msg...

    Ahhh, I was typing you a message and got side tracked. Not sure what happened to my msg. Forgive me if this is a repeat. I manged to figure out that I only have 10 posts thus can't advertise my 09XR for sale here. Can you recommend how to connect to XR enthusiasts who might be interested. I...
  9. brs

    WTB: Urd Y Pipe

    Looking as well. I'm trying to figure out what the difference between the Thorley and the URD 'Y" pipes. What I know so far... Thorley - has resonators and a convoluted routing for what looks to be more gradual bends. URD - Gadget says his are a "true 304 stainless" but have a more direct...
  10. brs

    Help: '09 XR rear disk installation issues

    I'm hoping someone out there can help diagnose the following problem... Several years ago I installed the front Rotara disks and they worked fine, better than stock for sure. Last week my local shop installed the "TundraRacing Pro Series Rear Disc Conversion kit". The installer was familiar...
  11. brs

    Clutch, tranny, short shifter, 3rd mbr

    Call this a T56 installation sale. Basically everything that was removed in doing the T56 mod is for-sale. So, from memory, I've the following items from a 2009 XR 70,000 miles. 6 spd transmission (would be nice to find a buyer nearby in the Pacific NW) Transmission support member...
  12. brs

    Shift Knobs

    T56 knob I'm looking for a nice T56 knob. On one of the treads there is a knob (custom?) that said T56 on the side and had the gear pattern. Any of these around?
  13. brs

    T56 Write UP

    Hi Justin, I had thought through the reprecussions and came up with the same conclusions that you did before removing it. However, so far, I've not noticed any problems. For me, the benefits seem to have been larger than the drawbacks. Note: If you decided to remove this vent it's not just...
  14. brs

    T56 Write UP

    Another T56 kit installed - 4 final At this point all I can give you is first impressions as I've not yet run my first tank of fuel through this tranny. Bottom line - I like it, I like it a lot. I believe MPG in town is going to be worse as it's now more fun to drive but that highway milage...
  15. brs

    T56 Write UP

    Another T56 kit installed - 3 After the installation was done by Rod & Customs I had to do some work. The new shifter is further back from the stock shifter. So I made a new linkage arm to extend the one that I had purchased. This was a fun challange as I had never tried to make a square...
  16. brs

    T56 Write UP

    Another T56 kit installed - 2 The install left me without my truck for 3 days. The first day they really just organized things, and the last day stretched out until evening as they had to get the drive shaft back from being shortened. So really this only took them a solid day a half. About...
  17. brs

    T56 Write UP

    Another T56 kit installed - 1 Thanks for everyone who has been posting stuff about the T56. And Thanks especially to those who figured it all out and produced the parts/kits etc. Typing out "THANKS" is easy but perhaps it would be more helpful if I tell you (in words and pictures) about my...
  18. brs

    09 X-Runner Roll Call

    '09 Red XR, - Vancouver WA I just received, from URD, the T56 and TrueTrac diff. Hope to do the conversion soon. The stock trans, clutch, diff will be looking for a new home. PM me if interested.
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