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  1. BlackCat

    Looking to buying a gun

    I would agree with Gadget but with one caveat - before you purchase your first firearm (or even shortly thereafter), go take a class locally that teaches you your legal rights and obligations as a firearms owner. And, the unfortunate thing is that your rights and obligations vary ***WIDELY***...
  2. BlackCat

    3m paint restore kit?

    I've not used this particular kit in question, but 3M does make good finish care products (polishing compounds, etc). I've used some of their products without issue. There isn't anything in this kit from what I can tell that is magical or unusual, it's pretty much a kit made of up standard...
  3. BlackCat

    Tucson Charity Car Show, May11 !!!

    Awesome !!! :top:
  4. BlackCat

    Tucson Charity Car Show, May11 !!!

    Attention Southern Arizona (and El Paso) Crews !!! My employer and a local charity are organizing a car show for charity. The event will be May 11 (Sat). All details in the screenshot below. To enter a vehicle for the show, $10 pre-registration, $15 at the gate. Spectators get in for free ...
  5. BlackCat

    Stock wheels - paint or possible photoshop

    Powdercoat, if done right, will be far superior in durability to painting. If you go the paint route, use a paint specially formulated for use on rims (there are a couple rattle can brands that sell rim paint) or if you have professional HVLP paint gear, use a good single-stage urethane like...
  6. BlackCat

    Attention el paso xr's!

    D'OH !!! Dang it ... already got plans that weekend :bawling:
  7. BlackCat

    leak near diff/prop shaft connection

    Pinion seal. The only thing back there that holds back gear lube. Mine went out twice, the second time got me a new rear end under warranty.
  8. BlackCat

    FEB 2ND Tucson Meet with Pics!

    The next Tucson meet is a destination event on Sat, Feb 2 :rock: We will be starting from the HotRods on Old Vail www.hotrodsoldvail.com at 9:45am. From there, we will cruise down to either Parker Canyon or to Lake Patagonia where we will do some BBQ'ing and enjoy some lunch together...
  9. BlackCat

    Meets in Tucson

    Tentatively considering Saturday, Feb 2 as the date for a Tucson meet. Details TBD / TBA :top:
  10. BlackCat

    Meets in Tucson

    Just a matter of finding a good time, perhaps just about anytime late Jan through Feb.
  11. BlackCat

    Should i sell my MX-3?

    One thing to consider. I have a 2008 MazdaSpeed 3, comes from the factory with 263 hp and 280 lb-ft of torque. But there is power limiting in the first two gears simply because it is, after all (like your MX-3), a FWD car. If you truly intend on getting 350hp out of that, keep in mind you'll...
  12. BlackCat

    Too Far for Rattle Can?

    Just a word of caution. In terms of any paint (rattle can or otherwise), even if you find yourself able to get the paint to apply and adhere, don't be entirely surprised if the color doesn't match. Speedway Blue is a VERY finicky color to properly color match - even with the factory-fresh...
  13. BlackCat

    Meets in Tucson

    ... Is the sweet smell of a Tucson meet getting stronger ? ... or should I just stay away from the tamales ? ... :laugh:
  14. BlackCat

    Bought a new Car!

    Keep us posted on what you real world mileage is like. I will be in the market for a replacement to my 17year old MX-6 in the next year or two (or three) and the Veloster Turbo is on my short list :top: All the Hyundai GDI Turbo's (the 1.6l Gamma Turbo in the Veloster and the 2.0l ThetaII...
  15. BlackCat

    Arizona Technical Help

    There's a pretty decent knowledge base about much of that stuff down here in Tucson. Two of our members were supercharged (both TRD though both also had a lot of URD stuff in them as well). I've done multiple BBK installs (and removals). Several of us have short shifters. I've also gotten into...
  16. BlackCat

    Arizona X-Runners

    Congrats on the new ride ! :top: I know that there are some XRunner's up in the Phx area, though I haven't heard anything out of them in a while. There are about a half dozen here in Tucson, we do meets periodically, keep an eye on the SouthWest forum for announcements !
  17. BlackCat

    Arizona X-Runners

    Got a crew here in Tucson :top: What's your location ?
  18. BlackCat

    Meets in Tucson

    ... <sniff!> ... <sniff!> ... do I smell ... an impending Tucson meet ? :top:
  19. BlackCat

    how do a millionaire park his car in singapore?

    I used to live in Singapore. Parking is a premium due to lack of real estate over there. The only thing I question in that video is that car's tags don't look anything like typical Singapore registration plates.
  20. BlackCat

    icy pearl xrunner

    Awesome job on the paint, man ! :top: Looks like the ranks of the pearl white XRunners is growing ! Pearl whites are great in person but, they just don't seem to "pop" the same way on media. The lighting has to be *JUST RIGHT* to get that pearl effect on media and it's a whole lot tougher to...
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