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  1. TacoInvader

    Another Traded in the X thread..

    It is absolutely a fun car. I couldn't settle for anything less after having the X for so long. The hardest part will be not having a truck anymore. Like Tattoomaker25, I've never not had a truck of some type. I've already ordered a roof rack so I can carry my bikes around. Window tint should be...
  2. TacoInvader

    Another Traded in the X thread..

    I hated to do it but with a growing family (2 daughters so far) I needed to let the truck go. I had it for 8 long years and created many memories with it. It is hard to think of not having it around anymore but it's done. Got my new ride on saturday! 2016 Lapis Blue Pearl WRX: I'll get...
  3. TacoInvader

    Frame Rust Recall UPDATE

    So I finally got my truck in to the local Toyota dealership yesterday for the frame inspection. Their verdict was that it passed so they will be applying the rust inhibitor once they are set up for it. (They don't have the equipment to do the process yet) My question is, for those of you that...
  4. TacoInvader

    NEWS 2016 Tacoma Teaser

    Here is a teaser of the front end. Still hoping for a XR version at some point in the future........
  5. TacoInvader

    Frame Rust Recall UPDATE

    haha, I know.... It doesn't go all the way through but there is rust under that entire area. I can jam a screw driver in there and move it around freely. I guess I'm just trying to gauge whether or not it is bad enough that it would be considered for replacement. The rust that is in other places...
  6. TacoInvader

    Frame Rust Recall UPDATE

    So for those of you that are getting your frame replaced how bad was it? I've found a fairly bad patch of rust right by the drivers side cat. The truck has been garage kept since I bought it in 07... Here is the gore....
  7. TacoInvader

    factory 05 toyota battery finally gave out!!

    Mine lasted until earlier this year. Finally had to replace it. i couldn't believe it lasted that long.
  8. TacoInvader

    Anyone in Indiana

    I'd definitely be interested in a spring meet.
  9. TacoInvader

    Any x-runners in indiana?

    How's it going? :smile: It has been a while. I'm still down your way twice a week to fly my RC helicopters :laugh:
  10. TacoInvader

    Any x-runners in indiana?

    I'm in lafayette, there are two SWB's here and a RR as well
  11. TacoInvader

    Checkin in!!!

    Option 1 Definitely! :top:
  12. TacoInvader

    LED gauge mod

    Have a look through this thread, It has pics of many color combinations in it as well as all the instructions you need. http://www.xr-underground.com/vb3/showthread.php?t=941&highlight=led+gauge+cluster :top:
  13. TacoInvader

    WTB: TRD or AFE Intake

    I've got the AFE in my truck, I highly recommend it. But it is essentially the same as the TRD. I Love the sound of it when I get on it. :top:
  14. TacoInvader

    Hey from Purdue

    Awesome, You can find out pretty easily what shifter you have in it. 4 bolts to remove the center console, 2 under the cup holder and 2 in the arm rest compartment and just slide it backwards after removing the shift knob. Stock shifter and the trd shirt shifter will look similar to what...
  15. TacoInvader

    Forza 4 Halo Warthog narrated by Clarkson

    Now only if you could actually drive it in the game. Apparently it's only available in the showroom or something like that...
  16. TacoInvader

    Hey from Purdue

    Woohoo! Took long enough lol
  17. TacoInvader

    Indiana X-Runners

    Unless it's changed recently there aren't too many people in the area with X's and that are active on this forum. I know there used to be someone in southern Indiana with a RR x a year or more ago I just dont remember seeing him on here recently. There is SWB X in Lafayette too, I don't think...
  18. TacoInvader

    Hey from Purdue

    I'm eager to see your truck too! It'll be nice to see another well taken care of X here in town. I just had a buddy of mine replace the clutch and TOB on my truck this week. Got it back last night. It had been squeaking for far too long!
  19. TacoInvader

    Hey from Purdue

    Have you received your truck yet??
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