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    ISO X-runner

    Sweet! Hope you find one. I enjoyed your last build and will sure enjoy the next one when it does happen.
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    WTB 3" exhaust

    sorry, my intention wasn't to try to compare 4.0 to 3.5l. was Just showing how my setup sounds with black widow muffler since we were on the subject. Thanks for clarifying
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    WTB 3" exhaust

    ah got it. Lmk if you're interested. we can work something out if shipping not too much. No I replaced the magnaflow with a blackwidow widow maker muffler. Here's a sound clip.
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    Call in the cavalry: An XR color change / restoration journey

    Thank you, I no longer have the truck. my thread is in need of an update
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    WTB 3" exhaust

    you looking for muffler or an exhaust system? I have a 3" magnaflow muffler from a URD spec-U system I didn't install. Its still brand new.
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    Call in the cavalry: An XR color change / restoration journey

    Well Done!!! Truck looks great!!
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    Installing tacoma oil cooler

    Sorry that did t work out as it hoped. What brand sandwich plate is that??
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    Torspd: NEVR

    His build is still alive and well. Mostly updated on Tw
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    Ucon ems

    Interesting, Id like to know this info as well..
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    Shane's URD MRKlll++ supercharger Build

    I thought those rotrex units can’t be rebuilt?
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    AC compressor

    Mines died beginning of the year. Ended up getting one on Amazon. Not a denso but generic after market brand. It's a bit loud giving off a humming noise but works. I had to change my condensor since rubbish made its way there and can't flush that part of the system. Will also want to change...
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    Re-Installing My Supercharger

    What about twin charging it? Running the rotrex with a turbo would be pretty awesome.
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    Torspd: NEVR

    Pretty awesome. Thanks for sharing. Sounds different for a 1gr. It's crazy cause it's like a given that Japan has the resources to do this to that motor. Considering iTs being used in a drift circuit that thing must take a beating but of course built to take it too. I wonder how much coin...
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    Torspd: NEVR

    Where's the video? Been searching with no results.
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    Going back to stock

    I would do this first than anything else.
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    Considering supercharger, is it worth it?

    What are you using for tuning?
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    Dakota SRT Rendering

    Reminds me of a storm trooper. I like it.
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    Frame Rust Recall UPDATE

    I just got a settlement notice about this today. Crazy.
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    Yep looks like that's the one.
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    Prado URD Kit Transmission Valve Body Upgrade

    Good to know! I always recommend this to fellow Tacoma guys here on the island. Especially if they don't want down time to send their valvebody in. The kit works well.
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