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    Stock clutch rating?

    I did the URD stage 3 clutch not long ago. Nice clutch definitely heavier then stock pedal but grabs down low and quicker, so the extra pedal pressure doesn't really matter too much. Stage 3 also use carbon on one side and ceramic on the other which illuminates any real chatter. Have a 1000...
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    New throwout bearing already failing

    Extended warranty won't cover the bearing, it is listed as an exclusion, I think they consider it to be a normal wear item like tires and brakes:stupid::stupid::stupid
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    New throwout bearing already failing

    My throw out bearing took a sh*t at 25,000 miles. Since I Had to go in anyway I did the stage3 clutch. As far as the bearing well the tranny shaft was fine no marks. I went with brute force throwout bearing from Auto zone. It is 75.00 bucks then my wife had a retail me not coupon for 15% off...
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    2.55 pulley

    He lives where the air is thin:laugh:
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    Devil horns

    A guy over on tacoma world does them.
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    Used Clutch

    Thanks, I feel kind of bad just throwing it out, if somebody else could use it.
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    Used Clutch

    SOLD I have a nice used Factory clutch with 25,000 miles on it. Took it out because clutch release bearing started heading south. Figure being super charged may as well do a URD stage 3 since I had to go in anyway. If anybody needs the OEM clutch let me know 75.00 plus shipping.
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    TRD Blower vs. Stock mpg experience

    17 around town 21 Hwy if under 70mph.
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    DoubllD's Juggernaut Build

    What is the piston CR you are using and how much boost when the head gaskets let go?
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    Transmission help

    Said it from the beginning once the dealer starts calling a warranty company to tell them about the mods they are looking to avoid doing the repair. Aftermarket warranties usually suck after one slightly expensive repair. They basically red flag you. I posted a link of a tranny guy in Florida...
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    FS: Cusco catch can

    Does it have a mounting bracket?
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    HottacoX's rebuild thread

    Like I said RELAX if the timing is off you can easily correct that without pulling the engine. See if you can locate a bore scope and put it down the dead cylinder. Place it through the spark plug hole to get a look at the valves and piston head. I know it is frustrating but it will work out.
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    HottacoX's rebuild thread

    I would think that Dezod had checked everything prior to it leaving. They must have rotated the assembly after setting up the valve lash just to confirm that everything looked good and to double check it. I would have liked to see more assembly lube on the cams but..... Either way I am sure they...
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    HottacoX's rebuild thread

    First off relax, yes it is frustrating but you will sort it out. Compression across the board will be lower because I think he went with 9.5:1 pistons . Zero compression on bank one is a concern. One step at a time do the crank and cam marks line up properly or not????
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    August 2013 : Canadian Girl's 2007 SWB

    Truck looks great really like the rims:top:
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    July 2013 : Bulldogger's 2009 BR

    No vinyl all paint:top:
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    truck running sluggish.. help!!

    Check the coil packs low power poor fuel economy, may be unrelated to the intake.
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    July 2013 : Bulldogger's 2009 BR

    My wife says hi, she likes your other half:top: Here is what it looked like when I first got it. My wife really disliked the white rims, and the way the stock tires looked.
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    July 2013 : Bulldogger's 2009 BR

    I never even picked up on it, thanks.
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    Transmission help

    Taking the tranny apart won't tell them anything but the syncros are going, and how do you determine the cause??? beating on the truck or poor design. The dealership is already aware that the trannys suck. How does the extended warranty company know of the mods? there is no need for the...
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