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    06 radiant red purchase

    I am running up on 220K on my 06 BSP, all N/A miles...:(. and thats while sitting out most of 2016. Engine is strong, trans holding on. Just need to get that body back in shape. So what did you decide?
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    Re-Installing My Supercharger

    Good reading. Enjoying your build. keep tha update coming
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    Torspd: NEVR

    yo, thanks for tha info. need to hit ya up, pointers for tha re-build. Summer is my crazy season with all my kids out of school thou. I'm like an unpaid Uber driver...
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    Oil Pan Spacers - Group Buy

    BUMP for a really great product. Pretty sure saved me $$$, when I ended up doing 360s in tha grassy highway median on tx 288 south.
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    What i miss?

    I know tha X wont be ready for that, but thanks for the heads-up. Gotta work that Saturday too. maybe I can seek away and pass thru. Motivation. Will you be @ the MSR event? Sir Gadget, what up ? recently hit tha site up, Underdog Racing Dev, that is, getting that " wish list" together. A...
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    Houston Meets?

    Preach... although this BSP could use some make-up, plastic surgery, & HGH, for tha summer 17' Like your thinking ... hey their now :D
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    Torspd: NEVR

    What up M? You deserve a sponsorship for patience alone, What up M? Hope all is well withya, had too read up on your progress. Just awesomeness. great work. Need to make some corners. hitch a ride one day soon? Really need this in my life. guess that could be said for most everything in...
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    I'm officially back! Bought a 2011 XR today!

    Congrats ! Very clean
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    What i miss?

    Definitely no better place to learn, fellowship and ask questions about X-Runners. XRU is tha gold standard.
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    What i miss?

    Kool. Going to make this happen. Working on some ideas ;) Hey, thanks. Hope all well with ya. Yup, re-rebuild thread coming ....
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    What i miss?

    Howdy ya'll, Any room for an O.G., with a 06 BSP X-Runner that seen some better days ? I'm Danny aka Nupeprime for tha new members, Houston area is home. We're not going to talk about those Rockets, right now. How is tha XRU family? We still fam right...? I only fell off for like two...
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    MSR Houston Jan. 11th.

    wait listed :frown:...
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    NOV 8th Meet ?

    What up ya'lll Anyone up for a meet on Sat Nov 8th? Houston area I got that Firewater :biggrin:
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    f/s turbo kit aem standalone and many others.......

    still available? :crinklehair:
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    The time has come. The Part out thread.

    bump 4 tha homie :crinklehair:
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    New X Owner

    Welcome to tha Underground...
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    New member in Indiana

    Welcome to tha Underground...
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    Welcome to tha Underground...
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    New to XRU 06 RR TRD Supercharged

    Welcome to tha Underground...
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    New here. 05 red XR from Michigan

    Welcome to tha Underground...
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