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  1. Scarface

    Red XRunner RC

    Thank you, that's exactly what it is. I already have it boxed up and ready for shipping. Don't be afraid to make offers, someone decided to steal my seadoo and I'm trying to raise funds to get another one. This time with a gps tracker so if it happens again... well that's neither here nor there...
  2. Scarface

    Red XRunner RC

    Hey y'all, I sold Dahlia last year to buy a house. It is what it is. I have some things left. Up first is this gem. Brand new, still in the box, a red XR RC. Good luck finding one of these, here's your chance. Modify it to your taste. 100$ shipped to your doorstep with tracking. Text me...
  3. Scarface

    SWB in Miami

    Is it one with bhlm, trd spoiler, and red bars?
  4. Scarface

    B&M Short Shifter, TRD Spoiler, URD Short Shifter...

    HAHA Oh no no no. I've had ridiculous offers that I've turned down myself. I like my spoiler. :top:
  5. Scarface

    B&M Short Shifter, TRD Spoiler, URD Short Shifter...

    How much did the spoiler sell for?
  6. Scarface

    URD MKII supercharger $2500

    hello, is this still available?
  7. Scarface

    Norcal: Traded in the truck, Stuff for sale

    Hello, anything left from this part out? Thank you , have a great day.
  8. Scarface

    Stock Tail Lights WANTED

    I have a tinted set for sale.
  9. Scarface

    The time has come. The Part out thread.

    Is the subx still up for grabs?
  10. Scarface

    XR R/C Black and Red NIB

    Thank you, its just been one bigger thing after another. Still have it. Text me 3058789261
  11. Scarface

    XR R/C Black and Red NIB

    Sorry guys, had family complications. Everyone is alright thank heaven. Still up for sale.
  12. Scarface

    XR R/C Black and Red NIB

    And here's the sunroof that plasma paid for. Title says it all. Asking 1 billion dollars or best offer. Shipping not included.
  13. Scarface

    In My Driveway!!!

    Aww c'mon, lets see the process!!
  14. Scarface

    001 Limited edition sunroof X!!! *pics*

    I ended up donating plasma for a year and bought my sunroof. The guys in sofla have seen it. Looks great.
  15. Scarface

    FOR SALE: 2005 X-Runner URD Supercharged

    If and when you part out sir, dibs on the s/c and subx.
  16. Scarface

    NV projectors and headlights

    Have you sold these?
  17. Scarface

    new NV projector/halo kit

    Did you ever sell these?
  18. Scarface

    URD Mk1 Stage 3

    Is it sold? interested
  19. Scarface

    Rear Tailgate Spoiler

    what was the original price on these? mine was gifted. I know of an injection molding guy here in soflo gonna see if we get together. want to make it as affordable as possible since everyone wants one and nobody wants to break the bank
  20. Scarface

    random parts for sale

    is it 120 shipped for the spacer? and what do you mean by only one?
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