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  1. Mortifer

    Anyone know why there is no transmission oil change schedule?

    155,000 miles here on my 06 X with stock transmission, clutch and TOB. No problems beyond the annoying TOB squeak for the last couple years. I've changed the trans and diff fluid at 50k and 100k, about to do it again. What are the symptoms of these failing transmissions?
  2. Mortifer

    For sale- BSP Leer RX camper shell, San Jose CA.

    For sale- BSP Leer XR camper shell, San Jose CA. This has been sold. Please delete the thread.
  3. Mortifer

    XR and Motorcycles

    I haul dirt bikes to Hollister occasionally (hour away), and to ride in Reno a few times a year. With the ride assist air bags it hauls no problem, this was my WR400, a XR650R and a XR600. and doing a trackday a few years back, Ninja 250 and SV650.
  4. Mortifer

    Biggest Rear tire?

    mine? here ya go.
  5. Mortifer

    Biggest Rear tire?

    I finally installed new fronts to match the back. Stock suspension except for ride assist bags in the back for towing/hauling. Front - 20"x10" rim, 275/45-20 tire. Back - 20"x11" rim, 295/45-20 tire. I love the way it fills the wheel well, handles awesome and I don't worry about bumps or...
  6. Mortifer

    2014 Tundra

    Looks the same as Dodge and Ford now. :(
  7. Mortifer

    No drop, will be towing a trailer. Which size rims n tires will work?

    Yep, I also recommend the Airlift bags and compressor if you plan to tow often, I drag a 6x10 full of dirt bikes a lot (just got back from a 1400 mile trip in Baja) and these ride assist bags make a huge difference. Before it would bounce off the bump stops on even small bumps, now the truck...
  8. Mortifer

    Just installed my Firestone Ride Rite controller.

    you can put it in the small black panel (pulls out) under the a/c vent left of the stereo, it's easy to drill and the dash behind it already has a hole for a gauge. You can put the switch and other thing there too.
  9. Mortifer

    Trailer Hitch Receiver

    Yep I have the same on my X, that's all you need, good choice on the Curt hitch.
  10. Mortifer

    Racing Stripe Vinyl

    They both looks awesome! The black on black is subtle and nice. I really like the dark grey on silver!
  11. Mortifer

    I Installed the Air-lift bags and compressor for towing/hauling.

    After towing/hauling a few times a month since January and bouncing off the bump stops, I installed the "Air lift ride control kit" and just installed the compressor kit this weekend. I strongly recommend looking into this if you tow or haul much in your bed often, it makes a world of...
  12. Mortifer

    Girlfriend photoshoot #2

    beautiful truck!!!!!!!!
  13. Mortifer

    That damn sqeak is back

    What are the details on getting the TOB replaced under TSB? My stock 2006 has been squeaking for 6-8 months now too.
  14. Mortifer

    Wheels and Meals Meet 7/1/12

    cool pics! I hope to join in on the next meet as well, any South Bay meets planned in the near future?
  15. Mortifer

    2006 X-Runner Suspension Set Up for Hauling Motorcycles

    Great thread with more info on air bags- www.xr-underground.com/vb3/showthread.php?p=850305 I installed a set of Air lift bags a week ago and love them (used them once so far with the trailer and a bike in the bed and they are awesome!) I got'm from Summit -...
  16. Mortifer

    Write-Up: Ride Control Air Assist by Air Lift

    Air bags may not work with composite leafs.... I installed a set of Air lift bags a week ago and love them (used them once so far with the trailer and a bike in the bed and they are awesome!) I got'm from Summit - http://www.summitracing.com/parts/AIR-59564/ It makes a world of difference...
  17. Mortifer

    Write-Up: Ride Control Air Assist by Air Lift

    Thank you for all your great responses, I appreciate the input.:top: What approx pressure do you run when loaded? I believe the instructions say its good for 10-100psi. (and to always leave 10psi in it when unloaded) I ran 60 empty to test it today and damn it's bouncy, as expected. :) I...
  18. Mortifer

    wanted OEM x runner rims

    I'm in San Jose, CA and looking for a set too. Anyone within 60 miles with some for sale???
  19. Mortifer

    Official Wheels Don't Fit Thread

    I have the 332 bbk. 332's should fit fine in 17" wheels according to this- http://www.customtacos.com/vb3/showthread.php?t=41508 post #10
  20. Mortifer

    Official Wheels Don't Fit Thread

    Cool thread, I've been wondering if these 17's would fit with my BBK as well? http://www.robbygordonwheels.com/product/17x8-black-finish-robby-gordon-signature-series-wheel with 255/50-17's would be the exact same tire diameter as the stock 255/45/18.
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