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  1. Spyder327

    WHAT THE F? Lol

    The shared server XR-U is hosted on had an issue and was re-booted that day (9/17). that's what appeared to have caused the issue. Seems like it's all fixed and back to normal now.
  2. Spyder327

    Xrollers Official Build Thread...Finally.

    That would be lovely, as i'm probably not the only one getting flashbacks to somewhere around pg 30 of this same thread. Cliff notes.... you're unhappy with their product, i think everyone got the message. Deal with it however you're going to deal with it with the supplier so that this thread...
  3. Spyder327

    Want To Buy Your OEM / Stock...

    Though it's not without it's negatives, it's to prevent members from being taken advantage of in sales, as the forum's primary function is discussing the vehicles... with sales being just an added bonus. We've had issues in the past of members not getting parts/money from people that came...
  4. Spyder327

    NST Overdrive Pulley Kit

    Sale pending.
  5. Spyder327

    Finally purchased my newest dream car

    Indeed it is. It's freaking awesome too :laugh:
  6. Spyder327

    Finally purchased my newest dream car

    So ever since i sold the x-runner i've had a couple other vehicles but none where the excitement of owning it truly lasted like it did with the X , but i think that's changed now. Been wanting this for awhile, and was finally able to purchase one.... I assume it won't take long for someone to...
  7. Spyder327

    NST Overdrive Pulley Kit

    Waterpump, Crank insert, and alternator pulleys (with tensioner and idler) Bought all these forever ago in the NST groupbuy and never installed them. The pulleys are in gunmetal grey. $400.00 OBO
  8. Spyder327

    WTF is up With Manti T'eo?????

    Yes.....back on topic please. Though i'm happy to see you guys handled it maturely, this thread needs to stay on the topic of T'eo and his specific story/issue, not something in regards to sexual orientation and the general politics of it. :smile: I removed the posts that were unrelated to the...
  9. Spyder327

    this guy is insane

    Both.... he's really skilled at being stupid.
  10. Spyder327

    what happened to my NST fraud alert thread?

    This has been addressed previously: http://www.xr-underground.com/vb3/showthread.php?t=13996 The vendor spaced is leased to that particular vendor, just as if it was a link to their own forum on their own site. They keep primary control over what happens in there. We also don't make...
  11. Spyder327

    Can we get a BANHAMMER on .......?

    Bans aren't open for public debate, however when you see stuff like this feel free to report it to us and we'll deal with it accordingly.
  12. Spyder327

    Whats up with the site lately?

    it's still occurring on IE 9.0 but works fine with firefox (i just tested both browsers)
  13. Spyder327

    Holy ****ing Crap batman!

    ^^ Absolutely. http://www.gunvault.com/
  14. Spyder327

    Bye bye to the X

    ^My favorite response thus far. .....and lol at you being so upset that you're "not allowed" to post whatever it is you're trying to say. I'm sure that there's some kind of forum out there that specifically caters to whatever it is you think you're saying. additional lolz at this as well.
  15. Spyder327

    Check Engine Light override?

    Where are you located?
  16. Spyder327

    Pistol advice

    Couldn't agree more with this. Not only does the FBI utilize it, but so do most local law enforcement agencies. If groups like this (that utilize weapons to save lives and defend their own) choose Glock (and .40 cal), so would I. Aside from that, based on my personal experience with a variety...
  17. Spyder327

    NEWS XRU Hoodies available for Pre-order!

    Very few extras, actually. We did not sell anywhere near as many as we were hoping for.
  18. Spyder327

    Xrollers Official Build Thread...Finally.

  19. Spyder327

    Xrollers Official Build Thread...Finally.

    The only thing truly factual in this thread is that you placed an order and confirmed it for 94mm. You did in fact receive ones that measure out to that. The buyer should ALWAYS do research on what's exactly needed; especially for something this expensive. It sucks that you spent this amount...
  20. Spyder327

    Xrollers Official Build Thread...Finally.

    Reply from me as an Admin: That's just not going to happen. There's a number of reasons why i believe it would be inappropriate on our part to remove these posts, but here is the main one. Post #221 of this thread. That's YOU bringing up the issue in your build thread; therefore it becomes...
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