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sub box

  1. XMPLRY808

    My isobaric sub box

  2. Iggy08

    WTB: SubX or something similar

    I'm looking to finally add some base into my baby. I don't have to have something that shakes up the whole block, but I really would love to add base. I was thinking of just getting a 8" or 10" sub and I want to put it in the center like the SubX box. If anyone would like to get rid of there's I...
  3. Iggy08

    WTB: Shallow Mount Sub

    I really want some base in my X! I want something cheap and out of the way until I save enough for babyboi2284's awesome X-Panels!!! Lemme know if your selling or if you have a good suggestion. I'm not sure what will fit, what is the space under our passenger seats? (that's where I'm looking...
  4. K

    Sub Box Blueprints

    I am currently trying to construct a new sub box for my07 X. Basically trying to do the same thing as nxrunner did in this post--- http://www.xr-underground.com/vb3/showthread.php?t=34628&highlight=subwoofer+box Just having a hard time wrapping my head around how to transfer the curveature...
  5. rexrunner

    Custom Boxes

    can you guys post pics of your sub boxes that you have made to fit in out trucks? I plan on adding a 10w7 and need some ideas:rolleyes: any input would be appreciated
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