6061 Aluminum Caliper Brackets


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Billet 6061 Aluminum Caliper Brackets

$260 USD + Shipping

2005-2015 5 Lug Toyota Tacoma

This bracket allows for the use of the Tundra 4 Piston Caliper and Lexus Front 360mm Rotor

Bracket will come with a black anodized finish

High Strength Grade 10.9 JIS Flange bolts and nuts are included

Pricing will be discounted to $260 until October 1, 2019
Use Discount Code PRESALE
Production will start October 1, 2019 and will take 3-4 weeks for manufacturing before they will ship


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These brackets look awesome and are perfect for those looking to upgrade the X's brakes for a reasonable price. If I didn't have the Rotora kit I would be ordering these up.

Good job.


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So what all is needed for the swap? Just the bracket? And then caliper and rotor? Or do u need new lines to move more fluid, booster? No idea



I installed one of these kits a few months back and can say its a great setup. The included hardware is very good and the machining and finish work on the brackets themselves is superb. Bolted together with no problems using the braided lines, rotors, pads and calipers he recommends. Braking is night and day difference and they look badass at a much lower price than the other BBK out there. They also fit within the stock wheel (barely). I ground the casting seam on my calipers because it was touching wheel slightly. I used the stock master cyclinder and don't notice much diff in pedal feel, they just work now lol.
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Do it! First drive home after install I forgot I had BBK because truck sat for a few days. Go to brake normally pulling into my neighborhood and the seatbelt locks and all the crap in the backseat goes flying:D