Awesome Detailing Information!


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I was searching the net today for some garden hose filters and came across this website.

The methods he describes I have found to be most effective. This website is a great place to learn about detailing if your new to it. Real good stuff!


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This site has great info. Basic necessities = two wash buckets with grit-guards, safe washing and drying utensils, and high quality goods. Dont skimp unless you want swirls. There is great info at even though there instructions include advertisment for the products they sell. They also have videos just like this guy. Good find...


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Thank you for the awesome detailing link! I wonder....... if I clay my pink fender flairs, would they turn back to the red they once were?


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I tried out the black box just yesterday on my bsp and am amazed at the results compared to my old mothers pre cleaner wax, and then a good carnuba wax on top.
The black box contains wax and cleaner as well as detailer spray, all have that blk TNT to them. It helps fill in the chips and old swirls. Took me a Lil over 4 hours to do all the steps, but am very satisfied with the outcome.
For the price it is well worth it IMO. My bsp is like a mirror on the road. I took it for a spin today and got a lot of compliments about the shine and truck itself, more than normal. Whoot whoot.
All that being said. Great info in that link. It got me wanting to pick up some more show quality type products for the next time I throw down a full detail.