Best off set for wheels

Gators Taco

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Want to get new set of wheels for my x. 18" wheels. Tried Euro Design and not happy with the setup .
7 tread to hold my wheel on is not for me. Any input on wheels?


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Offset is a function of wheel width. What width wheel are you looking at? Also what type of look are you going for? Are you trying to mimic the stock wheel offset? Or trying to go more aggressive? We'll need to know those parameters before recommending an offset. Honestly the best way to do it is to physically measure it on the truck. The best calculator I've found is ->
If you're on stock wheels you're existing setup is 8" wheel width, and a +30 offset.

Gators Taco

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I have the original with the snow tires on them. Looking for 9" with less offset around 20 to 25. Still in the 18 "