Calling all transmission issues on Xrunner


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Red line products in every part of the truck, is just the way it needs to be. Makes the truck run the best.

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I just signed up for toyota's service history on my new truck. Low and behold, it had a brand new trans installed under warranty less then 5k ago.

Even with a new trans, I have ground 2nd gear a few times. I just attributed it to being not used to the "feel" of the 6 speed. Probably have about 500k miles of toyota manual trans history under my belt too so it ain't like I am a newbie to driving stick in a toyota.

Dammit. Now I am kinda bummed I bought this thing. I do not have the time, money or patience to deal with this kind of crap. Starting to wonder if I made a bad decision buying this truck if it is going to eat transmissions every 50k.

If I wanted problems like that I would have bought a chevy.


I have a grind in 3rd when shifting from second.
If I wait 2 seconds it is fine once the rpm drops some times it does it at lo rpm as well.
I think toyota messed it up by servicing it and sending the truck home with no oil in the tranny. when I took it back the looked at me like i was an idiot for not putting oil in the tranny. just to be clear they did the services and forgot to replace it.

love toyota services departments.

ever since then I grind in 3rd.


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While down shifting into 2nd i need to rev match otherwise it will pop out and grind. On more rare occasions it will have a hard time going into 1st. Also, i have the common 5th gear not liking fast or high revving shifts. t56 kits need to be cheaper, thats for sure!


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ok i just got my x not to long ago and had know idea this prob was going on till now mine does the 2nd gear pop out and grind and 5th gear grind in high rpm fast shift and i have to put the trans in 3rd then 4th before i can shift into first gear and thats only till i been driving for a few min after driving i dont have to to do that anymore mods to the trans include stage 3 + urd clutch and ss shifter and urd light wieght fly wheel if anyone has any good info for a nashville tn area guy let me know plz:blurock:


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Seems like just about everyone has the 5th gear grind when shifting in higher rpms. Theres really nothing wrong with my transmission other than that 1 problem but it sure is annoying! I just completely avoid shifting into 5th anywhere over 3k and its fine


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I had a 2005 BSP that I used mostly as a commuter, with frequent 2 hour trips to visit family on the weekends. I never raced or drove it very hard, but started having transmission issues right after 100k miles. Toyota wouldn't do anything to address the problem, even though they know well that it's a problem with this truck. I loved the truck, but was pretty bitter about the transmission issues. I lost a good amount trading it in on a 2013 4x4 Tacoma, but I didn't care to be stuck with the repair bill. There's not a better looking truck on the road and I'd like another X, but not without some guarantee on the transmission issue. The last time I researched the transmission issues, every other car that runs the same transmission is having similar problems. It's odd that they haven't corrected the problems after that many failures over such a long period of time.

On another note, my mom has a 2013 Tacoma Prerunner and had to have drive shaft and differential changed. Apparently there is a TSB for that issue as well. After owning over 25 Toyotas that were rock solid, it's disappointing to see the issues we've had with the trucks in the last 10 years.


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I know I'm replien 5 years later but I hope your still on this,
I have a 05 completely stock I parked it in garage was running fine no grinds or weird noises,
I get back into it 2 hours later and it's stuck into 4th I assume
I move shifter around and it won't go anywhere but feels like it's in neutral, car still moves but in 4th and takes time to gain some speed normal but what can this be I mean I wasn't getting any grinds anything besides me not having clutch in all the way rarely<


Most people have problems with their throw out bearings but it sounds like you need your clutch replaced. Bummer.


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Sounds like you might have a bad case of wobble stick.

Does your stick wobble all around like it is not connected properly?

My auto likes to hold 4th too long, then a rough upshift... Also downshifts if dumbasses brake down large hills, then rough upshift if I touch the gas.

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Sounds like you need a fluid change. I haven't hear of any issues with the auto trans unless you have a lot of power then it needs a valve body upgrade and your good