Coupe CAI Cover


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Wow - way to be creative Steve! :adore: :rock: You're making me think that I need to buy a roll of orange vinyl. I wouldn't be able to cut the two color logo in one piece, but could cut two separate pieces that people could put together with some a "Frame" to help line them up. :hmmmm2:

Also - if you guys want custom stickers for your covers (or anything) let me know (TRD logo, URD logo, text, graphic, whatever). I have a vinyl cutter and can do custom work. Right now I only have the X-Runner colors Red, Blue, Metallic Gray (which is a PITA to cut) and White but could really get any color. The cutter isn't full size but I've considered upgrading it to a wide format cutter so that I could cut massive graphics.

If you guys need anything, just shoot me a PM.


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its a sticker keith...:top: I could be a smart ass and tell you to read 1st post...but i know your just as lazy as i am...sometimes...:laugh:

yep, I am some times. Was just so amazed by the looks of it, I never read the post honestly!!:biggrin:


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Maybe Coupe and Klint can get together and he can get the XRU logo engraved into the CAI covers :biggrin:


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I just read your post from 2010 and wanted to know if you still do the graphics. On the Members Build thread there was an XRU sticker on a TRD air intake box that looks awesome! So, if you are still doing graphics I would be very interested in the same color scheme, but to fit onto the hood scoop. My hood scoop clear coat is starting to peel on my '05 even though it's been garage kept for the last few years and would love that XRU sticker to cover it up and represent! Thank you.