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It has been suggested that I need to list the products, I have been making. I might have missed something, or something may not have been popular enough to continue past a single prototype.

Shift knobs

There are many different types/styles. Here are a few.



Prices start at $65 and go up. Weighted shift knobs are $75. Special engraving is extra. Some people have requested extremely modified shift knobs. Prices of these are considerably more.
I only do these on a group buy basis. If you missed a group buy, I may have a few left over from a previous group buy.

TRD /Afe CAI Plexiglas covers

There are many different types/styles. Here are a few.



These start at $100 and go up, depending on what you want. I stock several of these. These are laser etched. These can be laser etched with just about any thing you can dream up.

Plexiglas Fuse Box Covers

There are many different types/styles. Here are a few.



These are also laser etched and can be had in a variety of designs. This start at $55. These are a peal & stick installation.

Truck Bed Cubby Hole Covers/Lights

Some these are just covers, some have leds behind them.



I have only made a few of these. These have been special requests. Without lights they cost $150. I have only made one set with lights and they are on my truck.

Sill plates in CF wrap or Vinyl Grip Tape



I am going to do these on a group buy basis. These start at $70 for a set of four (front & rear). If you want special logos or text, it will be extra.

Short Shifters

8 ½” or 9 ½” OEM (works both itself or with URD or NST SS) $120 + your old shifter.
8 ½” or 9 ½” TRD SS $310 + your old shifter. ( $120 if you supply a TRD SS)
8 ½” or 9 ½” B&M SS Market price.



Plexiglas lens for cup holders in clear or frosted.

This is to help diffuse the led light, so it is not too bright.


Price is $85 for a set.

Oil Pan Spacer (adds 1 quart capacity)


These sale for $300. This includes bolts, gaskets, FIPG, oil pick up spacer.

Aluminum Deep Sump Oil Pan (7 ½ quarts)



This sells for $1100. This includes bolts, gaskets, FIPG, oil pick up spacer, trap doors & magnetic drain plug. If you want special coatings, the price goes up.

This will be sold on a group buy basis.

X-Runner pins in red & blue.



$10. Supply is limited.

Single Din/Triple gauge panel





These are labor intesive. I have made about five or six of them. I am not planning on making any more. If some one wanted one, I would make it, but it would be a special order. Price $350.
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Some parts I didn't know about.....I hate this thread :( lol. And I haven't forgotten about ya coupe. I think imma sell a kidney lol


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wow man thats some awesome stuff! how much do u get for the cubby hole covers and the sills in carbon fiber?? and the fuse box covers?


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Let me look at one.

However, I did not need one, when I installed mine. I also did not have to modify the cables either.


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ok so no prices on these items?

A lot of these items I do on a group buy basis only. Some of the items have so many options or possibilites, it's better to just pm me on what you want. Or give me a general idea of what you are looking for.

On another note, I sometimes order a few extra items when we do a group buy. On the last shift knob order, I did about 10 extra. If you missed the cut-off date, you could buy one of the extras.

I will go back and add prices or price range.

i guess it would be like the one you have :dontknow:

I bought this off ebay.

Here are some mounts that are similiar.
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If you look at the pics, you will see a quarter in the background. This will give you a feeling of size.

My bad. I can't see Photobucket pics at work and didn't notice that you had pics with it. Looks pretty cool. Tempting. :rockon: