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Last week after I came back from Airstrip time attack, my sister backs into my truck smacking the rear right side. I was pissed. 2 dents and paint damage. Great. Called Dent pros and quoted me $770 for repair. I was skeptical. I decided instead to repair it myself. So this weekend after a day and half of youtube vids, I set to work. Glad it worked out and saved a lot of cash in the process.


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What was your process? My rear flare is cracked with a bit of paint damage when I jumped a curb and would love to know how to fix it!


I used multiple processes presented on youtube from heat gun to dent lifter. I'm not fan of body filler unless its for rust or a tear in the metal. I'll put some links I used to fix those dents. Also here's one for your issue.

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Thanks! Cant see the videos as YT is blocked on my works network, but will check them out when I'm home. I don't have a dent to fix, just a literal snap in the bottom portion of the rear fender flare. Will probably mend it with fiberglass/epoxy, but I was more interested in how well you got the paint to match! I have a can of duplicolor Barcelona Red that I will try my luck with!

Thanks again for the videos!
Tell me about it! First car was a 1982 celica supra. I ended up trying to give it a roller paint job, and it ended up looking awful, and I didn't have the patience to keep sanding away the orange peel. So the only logical next step was to spray paint it, and use a totally different color at that! Of course that didn't end up well and it ended up in a paint shop going back to the stock color! Needless to say, I've stayed away from painting a lot of things. The work on the truck is minor though, so I'll probably give it a go once some of these holidays roll around.