Flaking paint on my 2008 SWB hood scoop


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Since this is a small area, will tackle the prep & repaint myself. With that in mind, any recommendations where I can buy Speedway Blue (8P1) paint in a "rattle can" sprayer? (Don't have a LVHP paint system in my garage.) I will also want a rattle can of clear coat, preferably from the same manufacturer (PPG, etc.) as the paint (to keep it all in the family). Guess that probably also goes for the adhesion promoter.

Is there a good online source, or can I find this at a local automotive paint store?

Had my bumper replaced several months ago (kid backed into my X while it was parked), and although the paint didn't match perfectly, I was OK with the slight difference. I can live with a slightly different shade, as long as it isn't grossly out of whack.

With that in mind, should I stick with the stock color, or go with something a little different like matte black (with a clearcoat)? Have it dipped? Wrapped? Or go with something completely different like http://www.carbonhoodscoop.com/? If the price of the factory replacement paint & prep materials is pushing over $100, it may be worth just going with the last option.



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I did satin black on my 06 RR and liked that better than the color matched OeM. If you go with the blue take it out and go back to the shop that did the bumpers and offer to pay cash. They will give you a deal. I would for a returning customer at my shop. A rattle can job will not match.


I second Coupe's suggestion of www.automotivetouchup.com. In fact, just last weekend I just used their aerosol products to paint a new bumper for my BMW 335i. It came out very well and the color match was spot on.

I helped my son repaint his front bumper a few years ago with paint that was "factory color matched" by a local automotive paint store and put into an aerosol can. The color was about a 95% match - pretty close, but not exact. Also, I didn't know at that time that I should have used a clear coat with hardner, so we used a "regular" clear coat, and the sun (UV) is starting to affect the paint already. So if you repaint it yourself, don't skip the 2-part (called 2K) clear coat.

Check out this post on the BMW forums for more info - this is what lead me to automotivetouchup.com.

Kinda like the idea of black too, though...

Let us know how it goes...


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I'm almost tempted to paint it "flat black" (with a clearcoat) just to inexpensively practice my rattle can skills. I can always sand it down and do it again in SWB.

No decision yet...