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For Sale & Groupbuy Rules

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Jan 14, 2007
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The XRU For Sale forum is an area where XRU members can personally trade with other members. It is like the classifieds in your local paper or eBay but entirely free and for member use only. XRU does not make any guarantee as to the trustworthiness or condition of any trades on here and we do not validate the listings on here. So please trade cautiously, follow these rules closely and understand the risk factor involved in any personal trades. Pay particular attention to the "Guidelines and Rules for Sellers and Buyers" section below.

Section I: Who Can Sell on XRU:

(1) This is for personal trading/selling only. NO businesses or bulk sales (more than 2 of the same product).

(2) If you are either a business, a member selling multiple new items, or organizing a group buy, please contact "NHXRUNNER" for authorization. This also includes "Feeler/Interest" threads!! These threads are when any member is trying to gauge interest in a product they or someone they know want to sell. If you do not have prior authorization from NHXRUNNER, these types of threads WILL be deleted, as they are unfair to our paying vendors here on XRU. Separate sections are used for these types of sales, however you must obtain vendor status first. Please see the vendor section rules if this applies to you. Click here to review the Vendor Advertising Packages

(3) Sellers MUST have a minimum of 30 posts on XRU. This is to protect our members. In the past we have had members lose thousands of dollars due to fraudulent sales by brand new members (zero posts). This requirement is also to encourage sellers to become a part of our community by joining in our discussions. We are a unique and friendly community of owners, always looking to bring in new enthusiasts.

Section II: Guidelines and Rules for Sellers:

(1) It should go without saying but no prohibited, classified or otherwise illegal items.

(2) Please post images of the actual items for sale. This helps your sale or trade by showing the condition and also that you have the product in your possession. This is not a necessity but will go a long way to helping your sale and establishing validity.

(3) Please update your thread once the item has been sold, trade completed or request fulfilled.

(4) Please be sure your location is filled out in your profile.

(5) Continuous 'bumping' of threads (no more then one bump per 24 hr period) without good reason may result in deleted posts or threads.

(6) Try to keep the number of NEW threads to a minimum per member (if you have 5 different things to sell at once don't post 5 different threads).

(7) Either put it up for sale...or don't!!! Making a "feeler" thread about an item you're not sure about selling is a waste of space on the XRU homepage, and a waste of other members time if you decide not to sell it. These types of threads have caused confusion (regarding the actual commitment to sell) in the past between the OP of the thread and interested buyers. So if you aren't completely sure that you want to sell the item, then don't make a thread.

(8) When posting your item(s) for sale, be sure to list a selling price. DO NOT just put what you have for sale and say "make me an offer"; this is not eBay, so please don't treat it as such. If a selling price is not posted, a XRU Staff member will close/delete the thread.

(9) We STRONGLY RECOMMEND that For Sale threads have photos of the item(s) you are selling. This is not required but it will definitely help you in the long run. Plus it will give the buyer a better understanding of the product and also the condition of the item(s).

(10) Please do not post up your personal phone # on the public forum, this is the internet, not a public dating service. You do not know who is on the other side of the computer and you may regret posting your private information later on down the road. We have PM's (Private Messages) for a reason, so please use them.

Section III: Suggested Guidelines and Rules for Buyers:

(1) Do not tell someone their asking price is too high. If you don't want it at that price please ignore it and move on. If you do by chance have a strong objection to someone selling a cone filter for $120 and know where to get one cheaper, make your own thread. Do NOT however reference original seller's item.

(2) Do not post your negative opinion of what is being sold. If someone is selling their 3 foot tall aluminum wing, it is not necessary to give your opinion on aluminum wings. (Failure to comply to the rules of conduct will result in immediate deletion of your post)

(3) Outside of this you can use the poster's eBay feedback to establish some kind of trust level. If you do so make sure you contact the user through eBay to make sure the account they state as theirs is indeed theirs.

(4) Do NOT proceed with a deal until you are completely satisfied with all details being correct. It's in your best interest to check out these details yourself. This forum is equivalent to a newspaper's classified section, XRU is not responsible for and does not vouch for any listings or sales/trades in this forum! Use your head, follow the guidelines, evaluate the risk and make your own decision.

Note: XRU Staff may remove or delete your thread at any time, for any reason.
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