How do you dry your truck?

What is your method of Drying?

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I use "The Absorber" too... that thing is amazing. My friends are trying to get me to use the Shamwow.... hahaha i'll stick to my trusty Absorber instead.


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i love this thing! also try some of there waxes they are good also.

that seems like a way more reasonable price..... i saw the masterblaster on the speed channel a few weeks back and was way interested.....

maybe this cheaper guy would be the first step to looking into a ''car dryer''

i use to use a leaf blower on my old car but it was such a hassle to to have to start it up and then have to deal with since it usually had grass on it..

a water blade to get the large stuff off then a soft towel has been the best for me....
In my unexpert opinion using towels can be harmful to the paint because they can pick up molecular grains of dirt and debris not washed away from soap and water. The result is microscopic scratches that multiply over time and eventually become noticable as swirl marks. So no matter what cloth you use, just keep this in mind. I prefer a burst of air over air drying as it doesn't leave water spots like it would left to dry on its own. But that's just my .02ȼ


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The Absorber. Works awesome. I've had it for about 6 years now and but it's time to get another one. Cali water leaves the worst water spots on a dark color and it takes care of those also.


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I think I'm one of the few girls up here that will wash it, hand dry it, wax it, and detail the crap outta my truck for hours until it looks brand new.

... *sigh* I love my truck.

we need more girls like you!!! nothing beats good ol fashion elbow grease to get a vehicle clean. i wash each fender and side one at a time right at sunset. its not hot outside so the water doesnt dry and leave spots. after the was comes a good dry with an absorber cloth. no streaks! no spots! then pull my baby into the garage and give her a good wax. takes about 4 hours but she looks right off the show room floor :laugh: