How Much Is An OEM XR Rear Sway-Bar Worth?

Newbe can't go to for sale section so I'm asking here.

Please send me a email at HAYRANDYL at COX dot NET.

NEW it's about $100 shot me a price for your good as new used OEM X-runner rear sway-bar.

Note I'm also looking for a set of OEM X-runner front springs.



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have you checked out XII performance? for a little more you could get a much better sway bar. just something to think about.


id be happy if i got a case of beer out of it.... because unless you found someone in dire need of a stock one, u probably wont sell it for more than 20 bucks.
Thanks for the replies. I want an OEM sway-bar because I don't want a tail happy truck.

Also looking for OEM front XR springs. Anyone will to box and drop off a FedEx owned Kinko's. Just drop off after I pay with PayPal I will cover the shipping to AZ. Or if you trust me I can send a check to you after FedEx ships the part and or parts. I'm no scammer. I just couldn't a X-runner so I bought a Tacoma 2.7 L 4 with a stick. Has the SR5 package with locking diff. I hate automatics! This was the only truck I could find setting on the ground! Damn Toyota for not putting a stick in trucks. I guess the think all red necks from AZ are to young or old to push in a clutch. I'm old @ (53) but F-ing dead Yet! :stupid:

Sorry for venting guys & gals!

Heres the deal I'm making a 4 cyl Access go thru a turn so I'm tring to upgrade the susp. on a base Access cab.

If I want to drive a tail happy car I will pull out my garage queen XM-5 out of the garage. I have changed the susp. on this car so many times I can tell you what size each and every bolt & nut size wrench is needed.

AZ or Randy
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Thanks to all but after a mo. of looking I just ordered one from my local Toyota dealership. Cost me a whole $89 plus tax.

Now comes the fun part installing all the suspension. I'm glad I have a OTC strut / spring compressor.

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