Hurt my X, need advice!


So, i rubbed a pole at the drive in last night. need some advice on getting rid of the marks at least.
at this point i havent had a chance to really look at to tell what is paint, rub marks or scratches.
need to know the steps i should take. should i just go at it with a buffer and some compound, should i try and clean off the paint with something. other ideas?


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Medium polishing compound and polishing one to finish. Hopefully it's just a transfer to the X
Get some 2000 grit wet sanding sand paper and then sand it with lots of water. Afterwards hit it with a buffer and it will get most of it out except the deeper stuff but its pretty bad. I would almost take it to a body shop and get it re done.

It's kinda scary sanding the truck but I have done it a few times on mine. Maybe try getting the flare re painted probably only a couple hundred bucks
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after brushing it off with a wheel cleaner brush at the car wash.
gonna try buffing it tomorrow with some meguiars compound.
sanding still necessary?


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I don't think I would use gasoline. If the clear coat is scuffed up you will need to do some sort of wet sanding and polishing to bring back the shine.