Installed Hellwig rear sway bar

Lord Helmet

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Installed my Hellwig rear sway bar. The written instructions were about useless but the picture instructions were good and helpful. Barely feel any drive shaft vibration anymore now I have this installed. Truck handles a lot better now with less lean in the rear and feels more planted during turns. :top:


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off-road taco06

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Nice man ! I was looking into this as well but never got around to it! I just finally installed my level kit in the front and seem to notice the Drive shaft vibration more. This may be my next mod in the near future. Thanks for the pics !!!

Lord Helmet

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May be a stupid question, but how does a rear sway bar affect driveshaft vibration?

I can't explain it really. I just notice there is less vibrations when I take off from 0-25 mph now that I have the rear sway bar. The rear definitely feels more planted. The rear end is less prone to step out now when I'm going around canyons roads and on/off fwy ramps. It's night and day difference IMO :top:

Makes the truck feel so much more stable in the turns doesn't it?!

Sure does. There is a sweet fwy off ramp I regularly take in the shape of "S" sweep in my integra that flew through it with flying colors. With my Taco it was kinda scary taking a turn too sharp and the traction control takes over. Now with the rear sway bar I can push it a lot harder through the same off ramp without having my splinter cannon pucker up when I go through it :laugh:
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