MallCrawl N/A - Pre Boost Build


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Hello all

Lurking in the Darkness decided to step out into the x world.

Well I own a 2008 Trd OffRoad 6spd access cab.

The Purpose of this Thread is to get Ideas and advice of this build.

I plan on Boosting later down the line but deciding to do the support mods first.

I want this build to be centered around driveablity and reliability.

Mods thus far:

Urd short shifter

Varex Muffler

Doug thorley short tubes

Redline Fluids all around.

Michelin R/16 275 MTX series

Icon Rear/ Bilstien up front

Updated Leaf springs

Hellwig sway bars front and Rear

Saikou Michi Oil Catch can

Trd Brake pads

Clutch master stage 1

Upcoming mods:

Apr- x-1 or Ucon.

Steering rack bushing swap and tie rod swap.

Dual Afr gauge

Steel braided brake lines

First I have 2 Questions:

That i think have not been answered if so please direct me to the thread

1. What is better the Ucon or the Aprx-1 ? are they the same? i know the ucon has guardian features does the apr have the same? also dangers shortcomings?

2. I plan on buying either the ucon or the apr used. Where or who could I go for tech support and tuning? would i be best off finding a local tuner to learn x tune? or should I try and contact Gadget at Urd and pay them to remote tune/ install.

P.S I am in the Arizona Area and I am willing to drive a little if someone wants to make some $$$ on the side, with helping me get the tuning down.

Thank you for any advice and support

Humbly MC


Because fast lifted truck.
If you are going to boost just buy a UCON new with the cam gears. There are calibrations for most combinations already as well as for NA.

Also, I personally wouldn't bother with a dual AFR gauge.


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There is currently a kit on here for sale. $2500 URD MKII S/C kit. Comes with the APR X-1. Steal of a deal. Basically, bolt it all on and ready to go. :top:


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Yah I've contacted blackxrunner about it before, but since everyone keeps raveing about the ucon I've been holding out on it. Plus the fact that everyone wants the mk3 tubing with the bov.

Shouldn't you be able to add in a bov pipe between the supercharger and the TB? Just something I have been wondering about.

Thank you for the info though. Also Torspd what are your opinions about the dual AFR?


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You could always add in a BOV, or possibly purchase that charge pipe from URD.

Buying his kit, or the one forn $3500, then you'd still be ahead for the purchase of a new kit. Even buying the UCON. Then you could turn around and sell the X-1. I already know a guy who wants the X-1.

Dual AFR's is just going to be more data than just one. When does that hurt?


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I could sell u a bigger blower as well than what comes with the older urd system if u end up buying the system from blackxrunner.