Meguiar's DA Power System

Has anyone used or known anyone that has used this system? I am looking at picking up because I really don't need a full size buffer. I found a get deal online. It comes with three pads, all three compounds, and three towels, plus the DA system of course. All of that for $90. Any insight will be great, thanks guys.


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This is the pads that hook up to your personal drill, correct. It has a Lil handle near the pad to control it.
I've never used one but I'm sure it would work just fine and save your arm the trouble. Only thing I'd be worried about is burning the paint and holding the drill in awkward angles in some areas.
They have these kits on eBay starting at around $20.00 minus the different stage waxes, polishes and rubbing compounds.
I'm old school and prefer a hand wax, polish etc over a machine. But I have used both and a buffing/polisher works great and saves the arms and fingers fatigue. I only used a buffer when using rubbing compounds for swirls and oxidation.


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The ergonomic is not very good. Its gonna be awkward to handle. I would save a bit more money and get something like Porter Cable 7424XP, an affordable DA buffer. Buy a separate velcro backing plate so you can swap out the different pads.