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Jonathan Paz

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so my driver seat on the 2005 X-Runner has a big tear in it and I want to replace it. I was thinking of just getting one from the junkyard but I can’t seem to find one from their. So I thought about just getting aftermarket seats. Anybody know if it’s a lot of trouble to get seats and adding the airbag sensor to it, or where I can get an original seat from? Thanks!

Cal Frez

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I have the same issue....gonna get the drivers side re-upholstered one of these days.
Anyone know if I can swap the drivers seat for the passenger seat?


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When i went to add aftermarket seats back in the 2006-2007 times it was a big deal to add the sensor. Not sure if that is different today


you would have to change the rails over, as they have a different foot print side to side
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I'm in the same boat too. My driver seat is getting worn. I wish I could buy a new one. I have never been happy with an upholstery job in the past.


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Marine upholstery places usually do a better job than auto upholstery places in my limited experience. I had all the seats done in my 2003 Jetta with that red and black plaid fabric, added some cushion, and it very quickly became the best equipment on a s&%t vehicle.