Oil Pressure Sensor Under Filter Plate


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I am trying to add an oil pressure sensor in the in place of the right side allen-keyed plug under the oil filter plate. I found the info and have purchased a 1/2" male NPT to 1/8" female NPT adapter/bushing. I first tried to thread the adapter/sensor combination as a unit but was blocked by filter drain spout. I then tried to put just the adapter in but cannot tell if I have sufficiently threaded the adapter into the port for lack of clearance for a wrench and I cannot tread the sensor into the adapter for lack of clearance from the filter drain spout. I have found a different adapter that does not have wrench contacts but I am concerned that if I have to remove the sensor it will remain in filter housing and then create problems reinstalling. Does anyone who has done this have suggestions for accomplishing this? Thanks in advance!

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Never done anything like this, but I'm familiar with NPT, BSP, JIC, and more fittings. NPT threads are tapered so 1) I'm surprised to know that we had a potential fitting there and 2) I would put a sealant or thread tape to be sure not to leak. I just looked at mine and it looks like the drain nipple is a dissimilar metal from the oil filter plate. Maybe you can use the appropriate punch and remove that nipple. If you can't get a wrench on it, you may be able use a small pipe wrench. I was able to wiggle my pipe wrench between the plate and radiator hose, that is, after removing the fan shroud and fan.