OTOC 3rd Annual Camping Trip Aug 9/10


For all of you in the Portland/Pacific Northwest area (and those further away looking for good a summer trip), this is the third annual event (and fourth time we've done a "Cruise to the Coast").

We have an awesome cruise on twisty country highway roads where we stop to BBQ lunch. We then continue on to Sunset beach where we can drive our cars to the surf for a photo op, then a cruise down the beautiful Oregon Coast with another photo op where those who aren't camping over night depart ways and head home (or to a hotel to enjoy a night away from their kids), and the rest of us head to camp.

This year, I am setting it for Aug 9/10, as that is the closest to a full moon over a weekend we will have – a Super moon ([ame]http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Supermoon[/ame]) rise of a 99% moon will be at 7:37, and sunset is at 8:28, so it will be a well lit night for the partying around the campfire.
The camping will not cost anything, so the only expenses are fuel, food and beverages... and a donation toward firewood would be appreciated.

Cruise route:

Come one, come all, it'll be a great weekend!

We will be meeting up at the Hillsboro Fred Meyer (22075 NW Imbrie Dr. 97124) parking lot (NE corner) at 9:30 AM on 08/09/14, and departing at 10:00 08/09/14. Anyone who misses us, can probably catch us at MP 29 where we'll stop for mountain spring water, or MP 28 where the restrooms are. Otherwise, lunch will be at the Elk Viewing area on highway 212.

Please RSVP!

Also, if you have some scrap wood to burn, bring it along!!!