Paint Vs. Wrap options


Hello again guys. I'm trying to weigh my options when it comes to colors on the X-Runner. My goal is to get a newer one next year (2012 or 2013). I loved the SWB color of my original but it's not an option on the newer models. So my options would be to get a black one and either paint or wrap the truck. Anyone have experience with one over the other? I saw a thread where someone was talking about wrapping a X-runner but all I ever saw wrapped was the trunk.


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Saw an ad pop up on facebook about what looked to be essentially a spray on vinyl wrap. I'm thinking probably similar to the plasti-dip, but refined more for the automotive specific applications.


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@gnat1000 Yes, I started wrapping my truck toward the end of Fall mainly to deal with some clearcoat issues. I wrapped the most urgent spots with a couple of different colors from different brands, mainly as a test to see 1) how hard it would be 2) how different the application way, if at all, between the brands and 3) if I actually liked the colors. Buying a yard or two is much cheaper than springing for a full roll.

My advice if you plan to wrap it - buy a black X-Runner. It will save you tons of money with the wrap b/c you won't have to deal with the inside of the doors or even the back of the cab. Wrapping will be significantly less expensive than paint but it doesn't last forever. The good thing is that you can change the color again after a few years if you choose.

Let me know if you have any specific questions and I'll do my best to help.


Thanks @K2. I was planning on going with black for that reason. I live and work around chalk mines so a dark color truck would be a nightmare to keep clean and I'd like to have some sort of blue color. My thought was to wrap it and then put a clear bra over that to protect it.

What do you guys think about going with SWB again? I really loved that color and would like to have a similar color to it. Almost seems like a waste to change the color back to a previous color.