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Anyone else have problems dealing with URD?
Ordered a stage 2 clutch combo from them on April 19, 2019.
The URD website has a shipping calculator which charged me $244.64 for two day FedEx shipping to Hawaii.
It is currently May 21st 2019 and still have not received the clutch.
Should I have gone with a different company?
Interested to hear your guys experiences, especially Hawaii guys.
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do you have ship tracking? if it hasnt been sent its a URD problem and you should have been on their case about it on monday 4.22


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Have you called them yet? URD are good people and will do their best to take care of you. But you have to call them and figure out what’s going on.


I've bought a ton of things from Gadget (URD) over the years. Never an issue. Gadget is a good guy. I bet if you pick up the phone and call him, all will be straighten out in no time.

EDIT: and why are you posting this here? There are two other areas of this site that would be more appropriate than here.
I ordered a fly wheel from urd and a clutch kit from lc engineering both properly address both ended up at the post office instead of my address. I also live in Hawaii so it must be a Hawai’i thing. Both companies were very helpful in assisting me with tracking down my parts


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Still waiting to hear what your name and order number is so we can get this resolved.


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Best way to resolve an issue is to contact the person you bought it from. Not on a forum, call Gadget... He is very helpful and willing to resolve issues.
First of all I apologize for the misunderstanding I have my parts and love the customer service I received from urd I only posted my comment to point out that in my case it was the postal service that was at fault for the confusion with my order not urd and to possibly help byeeeeeran with their issue. Thank you gadget particularly for being so solid and helpful as I did call and you helped me remedy my issue. Urd has great customer service and I love all the parts I’ve purchased so far, and intend to purchase more from urd. Ps. I wish I could afford the supercharger but for now I can only dream