Recommendations on truck cover


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I have been shopping around a bit and wanted to see if any of you guys recommend a certain cover. My truck will be outdoors all the time so I want to prevent sun fading and a cat jumping on it and scratching it etc. Looking to spend less than 150 bucks, and if I could buy it in person vs online thats a plus.


That's actually a great question and I am curious on an answer to. Are there covers that can protect against hail to?
I don't know what they run now, but I had a CA Car Cover, the Noah. It was awesome and lasted a loooong time. It was well worth the money!


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I would imagine hail would be a problem. I think you could throw some pillows under the cover to prevent that damage. But a thin car cover would be hard pressed to suppress a golf ball being teed off against your truck


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I also had a CA car cover made to fit for my old convertable ranger mini truck it was awesome to . It was water proof and mold proff had it for years. the truck sat out side for two years and never got wet in side.


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Wolf car covers are great covers. They can be somewhat customized to what your going to use it for


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I think I have the same one as Canadian Girl. Its a Simoniz Standard Indoor/Outdoor Truck Cover only $60 at Canadian tire and mine has lasted through two winters, one winter on my hardbody and one on my x-runner :canada:


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Everyone I know including myself has gotten their covers at Cal Car Cover. The fitment is perfect and they have a great warranty. I would recommend the Stormweave. I think their website is


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I use the Noah cover from CalIfornia Car Cover. So far it's been really good, and the fit is nice. It's been keeping my truck clean for about a couple of months now, haha.